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Sunday, February 27, 2011

SKIN79 Absolute Total BB Cream SPF37 PA+++

Over time I’ve been reading many beauty bloggers rave about how wonderful SKIN79 BB creams are which got me very interested in their BB creams. When I set my eyes on SKIN79’s Absolute Total BB Cream from the Diamond Collection, I fell in love with the packaging design. So I had to try this BB cream out. I’ve been using it for months now so I’ve written up a review on it. Hope it helps any interested in this BB cream to get an idea of what it’s like~

Here are all the descriptions from the packaging, so excuse me if some of the sentences are hard to read :P Am typing it straight as it is written on there.
Skin 79 Absolute Total BB Cream SPF37 PA+++
SKIN79 DIAMOND COLLECTION Absolute Total BB Cream SPF37 PA+++ (40 g)
KFDA 3 Function Certification; Wrinkle Improvement / Whitening ? UV Interception SPF37 PA+++

The BB Cream SPF37 PA+++ has triple functions of whitening, anti-wrinkles and more intensively protects exposed skin by blocking UV ray A and B by keeping skin beautiful and healthy through offering brilliance of diamond and vitality of just blossomed floral.

Diamond Powder and Blooming Jewel Complex consisting of 5 jewels including Amethyst and Ruby makes skin more radiant and skinning like jewelry with Floral Bouquet Complex extract making skin vital and glossy by keeping skin healthy from harmful environment and sensitive stimulus.

Directions: After using basic products, grab the top of the pump and rotate it clockwise to unlock the pump. Gently push the middle of pump at the top and put proper amount on the entire face, then spread it evenly for absorption.

SKIN79 Absolute Total BB Cream ingredients
  • Diamond: The jewel implies dazzling light of cherished torchlight or shine of candlelight brightening the night of ladies from long time ago, meaning lightening and eternal gloss in India.
  • Amethyst: The precious colour, purple means god and human, symbolizing the Royal families of Egypst and the United Kingdom. Keeps skin clean and healthy with astringent and soothing effect.
  • Pearl: Symbolizing wealth and fame in ancient China and Rome and regarded as the gratest and the most valuable bijou or jewelry presented from heaven. Keeps dull skin tone transparent and clean.
  • Tourmaline: The name is a Sri Lanka word meaning mixed jewel and has passed by raindow during a long journey from the core of the earth. Keeps skin healthy and resilient by promoting blood circulation in skin.
  • Coral: Means sea water made by coral reef and thought to cure physical pain of people in the Middle Age and maintain their youth. Keeps skin sleek and moisturized by controlling balance of water and oil of skin.
  • Ruby: It has the most similar color with that of sun symbolizing emblem of crown and the Royal family in European countries during the Middle Age. It keeps rough skin sleep by offering elasticity to skin.
The SKIN79 Diamond Collection Absolute Total BB Cream with SPF37 PA+++ comes in a sleek square bottle with a twist the pump dispenser. In terms of packaging I love the hot pink gradient on top of the silver backing; it’s a perfect size to sit comfortable in one hand to pump the bb cream out. The pump with the nozzle facing the text is in its locked position, to unlock it you simply have to turn the top silver part 90 degree clockwise then pump away. haha The pump is also quite easy to press so you don’t need to place a lot of pressure on it. According to the SKIN79 US website, the pump's an airtight pump. Pretty cool huh :P they've got their official website SKIN79.com but its in Korean. The bottle also feels very sturdy and has a nice weight to it as well. I think the pump design is very handy for travelling because you there’s no extra cap to damage and there won’t be any accidentally pumps in the bag.

In terms of the product, the SKIN79 Absolute Total BB Cream is not a bad bb cream; personally I would give it a miss because of its grey undertone and sticky feeling to the touch. I rarely wear this BB cream alone, usually as a base because it makes my skin look very pale. To me I find it looks unnatural and unfortunately like many BB creams, this product only comes in 1 tone so it won’t be suitable for those of you who have tan or dark skin tones.
SKIN79 Absolute Total BB Cream swatches
For that reason, I use this BB cream as a smoothing base under foundation and for SPF protection. I find the best way of apply this is to warm up the bb cream between your fingers first before smoothing a small amount over your face, blending it well. It has a low coverage and I usually use it to cover any redness or trouble areas before applying a light liquid or mineral foundation over the top. On the good side, I haven’t experienced any break outs from using this SKIN79 Absolute Total BB Cream and it does have a low dewy effect. Personally I prefer matter look because my skin gets oily during the day, but this can be fixed with some finishing powder on top.

In terms of improving wrinkles and whitening the skin, it seems to reduce the appearance of the fine lines (not sure about deeper wrinkles) but it’s hard to tell whether it has had any permanent improvement. Also, even with daily use I didn’t really see the whitening results either.

Overall, this isn’t a BB cream I would repurchase. Mainly because of its grey undertone so I don’t feel it matches my complexion very well.

I know many of you have tried the baby pink Skin 79 diamond collection bb cream. What did you think of that?
What do you think of Skin 79’s other BB creams?


  1. Kevin raved about this BB cream in Ladies First, I was so tempted to purchase it but I wasn't really keen on BB creams last year.

    Thanks for the in depth review! I'm going to give it a miss, grey undertones look very unnatural on me.

  2. One of my friend love this BB cream and she recommend this to me. I'm using the hot pink Skin 79 BB cream. I think that the coverage is not enough yet it make my face look so oily if i din pat some powder on it. Yet it mention that it's for oily skin though. But many people rave about it. I think all bb cream is grey undertones right? So far i hv tried 3 type of BB cream. And all is grey tones, i'm ok with it because i don't have dark skin tones. =)

    Thanks for the review. Now i'm a little confuse should i give this a try.. Lols

  3. Thanks for the review...I was curious but I think I'll give it a pass now.

  4. @angel, not really. the missha m vita bb cream i used before didn't come out greyish. sure did make my skin whiter but not grey. not sure if it all depends on each person's skin tone. i would've love it if it didn't make my skin oily too. I guess I won't bother with the hot pink skin 79 bb cream if it made your skin oily. I think it'll do the same for me.
    Which other bb cream did you use? Am trying to avoid the ones with grey undertones. :P

  5. i dont like grey undertone they always make me like a dead person. but the packaging is pretty on this.

  6. Maybe i'm little bit confuse with greyish u mean, i can't really differentiate if it's greyish. I mean that when i pump it out from tube, it look greyish and not yellow in colour. which is a bit different with foundation. Foundation always came out with yellow-skin colour. But bb cream all is smt like grey. About the Hot pink, it actually make my skin look like natural glow not the oily type. If your have flawless skin without pimple and freckles those, it will look definitely great. unfortunately i have pimple around my cheek so it just look like oily for me. Haha. I try Dr.jart silver label too, it make me look whiter. And the coverage is stronger than skin79 hot pink. And i also tried skin 79 recovery perfection bb cream. It work more or less like Dr.jart silver label. More coverage and make skin look whiter. So the conclusion i got is, if i want more coverage and look whiter i just choose dr.jart. If i wanna look natural i just choose skin79 hot pink. It's good for looking natural!

  7. thanks for the review! the side WITH the application looks smoother indeed.

    ryc: which perfumes did you buy :)?

  8. @angel, it depends on the BB cream i guess. I've been using Dr.Young's 2p blemish base too and that bb cream comes out much more beige than this Skin97 BB cream. I'll do a swatch comparison later and you'll see the different :)

    @Jennifer, I bought the 'Vera Wang princess' and 'Elizabeth Arden green tea' perfumes. I've been lemming at the new 'Elizabeth Arden Pretty Hot' perfume and 'Vivienne Westwood Naughty Alice' perfumes. But I'm debating whether I should finish using all my current ones first or cave in. haha

  9. Hmmm...not sure the grey undertone would work on my skin either. Thanks for the review =D

  10. I really don't have any luck with bb creams. I have the same problem with the grey undertone. hehe.. And yeah.. bb creams are not meant for everyone but most people in my country thinks so. They looked very awkward with 'fairer' face and tanner neck.. arms... :s

    Thanks for the review! :D