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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dolly Wink Cream Eye Shadow

I've done swatches of the new Dolly Wink eye shadow palettes and of course it wouldn't be complete without the swatches of the cream shadows as well. Yea, I went back to the shop to get swatches of these cream shadows for you all :P the photos didn't turn out properly when I swatched them with the palettes, but am happy with these new ones ^^. Hope the swatches helps!
Dolly Wink Cream Eye Shadow
Now a bit about what I thought of these two Dolly Wink Cream Shadows. I'm surprised only 2 colours were released with this collection and while they're both pretty colours. It would have made much more sense to have both gold and silver released around Christmas, since for me it's a very festive colour and would've been perfect for all those Christmas/new year parties. Right? :P

In terms of packaging, personally i think these two cream shadows lack a bit of punch when compared to the palettes. While they are nice, compact and very convenient with the large pan rather than tiny jars. xD It doesn't seem as "cute" as some of the other Dolly Wink goodies.

The shadow itself, both cream shadows are extremely shimmery and shiny! So for those of you who prefer shadows that aren't as shimmery, these probably aren’t for u.

In my opinion, these cream shadows were also slightly sticky to touch. But when applied the shadows glide on the skin very evenly and does not feel sticky at all. I was told by the sales assistant that these shadows have great lasting power, and it makes sense with its light sticky texture. Am sure it adheres to the skin much better than more creamy shadows.

Dolly Wink Cream Eye Shadow - No 1. Gold

Dolly Wink's Gold cream shadow is very pigmented, buildable and gives you a sheer pale gold glow when blended out.

Dolly Wink Cream Eye Shadow - No2. Crystal

Dolly Wink's Crystal cream shadow is very sheer with silver shimmers/glitter. Personally I felt the shimmer in Gold is much finer than that in Crystal. Crystal gives more of a dazzling sparkle effect.
Dolly Wink Cream Eye Shadow Crystal
Personally I prefer Majolica Majorca's frozen eye splash's smooth soft texture and subtle fine shimmer, Dolly wink's on the other hand seems more pigmented with an amazing glow. I hope they bring out more colours too, hopefully a pigmented silver too. :)

What do you think of these cream shadows compared to the palettes?
Do you think they're worth it?


  1. I think the gold looks pretty on point. ;)

    (Thanks for answering my earlier question)

  2. Pretty !!! Thanks for the review!! And yeah I hope they come out with more colours as well. :) Hehe ! Gold and Silver are such festive colours and not very appropriate for everyday wear :P

  3. dollywink has done really well marketed thanks to Tsubasa! you should do a look with it. i have never been a cream eye makeup person since i get oily lids but it does look pretty and sparkly!

  4. dollywink is gradually stepping up. these colors a perfect for an au naturale look!

  5. Really nice!! I like the sheen it gives

  6. Hmm I wouldn't purchase these cream shadows, I don't use them all that much and some of them crease terribly =[

  7. Great review! Thank you for the swatches too!

  8. i've seen the shadows the other day. they're so great. love~

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  9. Another Australian. Hehe. I'm sorry if you've covered this a million times (I'm a new reader), but do you mostly import, or do you live somewhere where Dolly Wink is available? I've seen it in one Adelaide store, but it's marked up to high hell.

  10. @Bethany, sorry about being MIA. Usually Japanese cosmectics in Australia are all marked up because they're imported. Your best bet would be to buy it online. Like Sasa.com or adambeauty.com sells their products. I've bought products off both places and they're pretty reliable.