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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dolly Style, Dolly Wink make up items scans

Yay to the new Dolly Wink makeup releases! :D After the nail polish range, Tsubasa Masuwaka’s Dolly Wink range has released 2 mascaras, 2 cream shadows and 4 eyeshadow palettes to its collection! I saw these at the Asian cosmetic store in the city (Sydney) on Sunday so I picked up their new product guide and got the new Dolly Wink eye shadow palettes swatches for everyone to see :) They are really cute and pretty. I haven’t purchased any yet since I know prices at those stores is going to cost me twice as much as I would from getting them online... It’s so hard to choose too, I feel like I’ll be crazy getting all of the 4 eye shadow palettes. But each seems to have it’s own personality. No 1 Brown’s probably the most simple out of them all, but neutrals are nice.

Here are the scans of Dolly Wink products booklet.
Dolly Wink new items booklet cover
Dolly Wink new items

For the 2 mascaras, the first one in pink with a purple cap is the Long Mascara for lengthening your lashes while the purple with the blue cap one is the Volume Mascara for volumizing to get fuller lashes.
Dolly Wink Long mascara
Dolly Wink Volume mascara
The 4 eyeshadow palettes, comes in No. 1 Brown, No. 2 Gray Pink, No.3 Blue Orange and No. 4 Green Pink. The products booklet also tells you how and where to apply the eye shadows to achieve that Dolly look.
Dolly Wink No 1 Brown Eye shadow palette
Dolly Wink No 2 Gray Pink Eye shadow palette
Dolly Wink No 3 Blue Orange Eye shadow palette
Dolly Wink No 4 Green Pink Eye shadow palette
The cream shadows comes in 2 colours, No. 01 Gold which is a sheer shimmery pale gold for a glamourous nude look. No. 2 Crystal is a sheer silver colour that comes out quite transparent with shimmers. These Dolly Wink cream shadows come in a round transparent plastic palette, they’re quite soft and creamy to the touch. Both of these cream shadows you apply on both your eye lid and lower lash line.
Dolly Wink cream shadow - Gold
Dolly Wink cream shadow - Crystal
What do you think of them so far?

Happy Chinese New Year!!!


  1. i really liked DollyWink Pencil Liner in Brown <3! i swatched the e/s palettes, the color combinations are quite...alternative i'd say :D

  2. The cream shadows look interesting. Wouldn't mind trying those :)

  3. Gotta love the new collection! Can't wait to see my hands on them. :)

  4. I adore the eyeshadows! They are pretty pigmented and they are so smooth to the touch =D

  5. i just noticed you hauled from Sigma (the post below), are their brushes any good :D?

  6. @Jennifer,
    the quality's actually much better than i expected. :D they are very soft and affordable, I like them more than the ecotools one now . The F50 duo fibre one seems to shed on me but some people don't seem to have any issue shedding issues. the eye brushes are amazing :D
    I'm planning to get more of there brushes. for me they're good investment.