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Monday, February 21, 2011

Beauty Maker Q10 Firming Liquid Foundation

I quite like this foundation. I rarely finish a foundation till its last drop but I did finish the whole bottle of this Beauty Maker Q10 liquid foundation. So I’ve written a review on it, hope you like it. Enjoy~

Beauty Maker Q10 Firming Liquid Foundation – 02 Natural (30mL)

Description: Beauty Maker Q10 Firming Liquid Foundation provides flawless lasting full coverage, lustrous finish. It promotes elasticity to give your skin a firm lifted look. The firming foundation is soft and light in texture, provides excellent coverage to skin imperfections and gives your skin a natural and glowing finish that lasts for long hours. It contains Q10, ginseng, shea butter and amino acid for maximise moisturizing, anti-oxidant and anti-aging benefits.

How to use: Apply using a light sweeping movement beginning at the center of the face blending outward with a sponge or fingertips.

Ingredients: Ubiquinone, Hydrolyzed Silk Protein, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Seaweed Extract, Chamomilla Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract.

The Beauty Maker Q10 Firming Liquid Foundation comes in a 30mL pump bottle with a frosted transparent section where the product is. It’s a very light foundation with a low coverage, so for those who like or need a fuller coverage, this might not be one for you. I usually use this foundation on-top of my bb cream because I like a bit more coverage and this foundation doesn’t make my skin feel heavy. : ) I’ve bought the shade in 02 – natural, it has a yellow undertone and it matches my Asian skin tone very well. Which I love often I find it hard to find a foundation that matches my skin tone. Even though I use this over bb cream it doesn't cake up and gives me a nice glow.
Because of its light texture it doesn’t give me breakouts but I find that it can get streaky when I spread it in a swiping motion with my finders or a foundation brush. I recommend apply this Beauty Maker Q10 foundation in patting motion with a sponge. Or use it by lightly patting with the fingers which also works too.

Unfortunately the light coverage of the foundation also means that it doesn't last as long, especially on oilier skin. With my combination skin which tends to be oilier around the t-zone, I find if I am to use this foundation on its own it would only lasts a few hours. That’s another reason why I like to apply this on top of BB creams as it will last much longer and tends not to slide as much. In terms of promoting elasticity and giving my skin a firmer lifted look, I haven’t noticed my skin becoming more elastic from using this foundation alone or firmer.

The main disappointing issue I had with this foundation was the pump dispenser. I’m not sure whether I got a damaged pump or it was just poorly made. Each time when I pumped the bottle, the foundation continues flowing out even if I press very lightly to get a smaller amount. Which meant I always end up with more product than I need and could not control how much I want to use at all. I guess this is probably because of the pressure inside and I would wait for it to stop quirting out before I can put the lid back on without getting it all dirtied inside.

Did anyone have a problem with pumps like these?
Have any of you tried any Beauty Maker foundations?


  1. ohmy you finished this bottle?! it must be a darn good foundation!!! I've tried beautymaker products but am not impressed by them (bright eye pressed powder, concealer...primers etc)

    The problem with the pump seems unique *_* i don't have such a problem :(

  2. Interesting... this is truly sheer if you prefer this on top of your bb cream... im actually on the lookout for light coverage foundies for my combination skin. thanks for giving your thoughts on this product.

    Beautymake box and bottle resembles Shu Face Architect fluid foundie... :D

  3. Sounds good.

    The thing with pump bottles is that they can be really hit or miss. If they go tits up then its a real pain to deal with x

  4. ugh i hate pumps that doesn't work properly!! i think for a foundation with a pump like that, packaging is everything.. unless its a compact.

  5. I LOVE the ingredient list, but light coverage? *sighs* This foundation is not for me =[

    Will you repurchase? Where do you usually purchase Beautymaker products from?

  6. @Jennifer, yep :) all 30ml the packaging is very similar to The Body Shop Oil Free Foundation and like herroyalbleakness mentioned the Shu Uemura face architect fliud foundation. The pump was much better on the body shop one though.

    @old cow, @Nic Nic,
    that's so true! crappy pumps are such a turn off when it doesn't work properly. It's convenient when it does though.

    I know! I dont think I've seen a liquid foundation with such a short list of the ingredients. :) the coverage is a little light for my usual taste because sometimes I just want to leave the BB cream out. Especially since I've been trying out a different face sunscreen so that covers my spf protection without needing bb creams. So nope, I don't think I'll purchase this particular one again but I will try their other BeautyMaker foundation. HAHA curious of what they are like.
    I bought all my BeautyMaker items a long while back when Sasa.com was still stocking it online. Unfortunately they've taken it off now =( imomoko.com and payeasy.com.tw sells it and I'll probably end up getting it from there if I want anymore of their products. It's a shame not many places sell Beautymaker products. They're very comfortable to wear.

  7. Hi Mint, thanks for the review. I am MAC NC20, do you think I should get shade #1 or #2?

  8. @BEAUTIFUL CANVAS, I think #2 is closer. It blends out sheerer and lighter too so I think #1 will be too light. I hope you like it as much as I do :P

  9. lol perfume can lasts ages!! haven't used up any so far :) but would love to expand my collection (which has 2 only now) haha