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Monday, January 31, 2011

Hauls and Packages

It sucks not to have internet at home =/ and with limited internet access after work, it’s a pain to upload my posts. T-T nuff said, I want it back soon. Anyway, I haven't done a haul post for awhile and nope I haven't stopped hauling. haha there's endless things to try and the list just keeps growing.

first sigma haul
As 2010 came to an end, I made my first haul from Sigma! :) yay~ It's probably one of the best investment I've made for 2010. I bought their Sigma Complete Kit since it pretty much has everything I need. It's got 5 face brushes and 7 brushes for the eyes! So yes it's pretty complete and they're affordable too :D No more having to buy each brush individually now which will cost me more in the long run. Plus the quality's pretty good. I'll do a more detail post on it later, I don't know when though. haha they actually shipped it very quickly and it came carefully wrapped with a pretty sash pouch. Plus there's a free gift if you purchase over $30.

Then my love package from Cynthia (http://slowbro-gal.blogspot.com) came in with a sweet note and I love it! The lollies were yummy, love asian lollies :D and I can't wait to try the mask and HadaLabo Hydrating Makeup Remover. I've actually been looking for a new one so this is perfect timing ^^ I'm loving their HadaLabo Tamagohada cleanser and Gokujyun moisturiser which Cynthia also reviewed about on her blog. So I have up hopes for HadaLabo. The bobbi brown eyeshadow's a beautiful shimmery sheer golden colour too, nothing intense so it'll be perfect for natural/nude looks~
Then to start off 2011, another haul from Sasa to replenished my supplies. Can you spot the 2 new HadaLabo wash ;D there's a bit of everything I guess. The EOS and ESPIE lip balm, Cyber Color lip liners, the Heroine Make liquid liner. I heard they're just as good as or even better than Dolly Wink's so couldn't resist trying it. :P and more face washes. Wakilala armpit wash <-- LOL xD the tube was smaller than I expected, if I haven't know, I would confuse it with a face wash. I've been using Kose salon style heat protector daily and it's really good. So I'm going to try their moisture essence mist now. :)

Apothica.com. HaulAnd my first and most recent haul, woot my Apothica haul arrived! :DD What I liked about it is that the order list came with a return sticker label and their Return Policy written at the back. That's pretty convenient if anything goes wrong. There's like free shipping for the US if you buy over $49. Discounted shipping it says for internationals so yea I still had to paid for my shipping.

I am so excited. I've finally got my hands on Too Face's Shadow Insurance! And an extra one for my sister. I've been reading a lot about it for months now. Some people say Urban Decay's primer is better, others like Too Faced's more. I haven't tried either, unfortunately it's not easy getting UD products here. I mean yea I can go ebay but I'm not very fond of shipping cost and all. I mean last time I bought something off ebay it took 4 weeks to ship and I really needed it :(  And have you seen how much some people are charging for the UD Naked Palette! ... Well enough of my ebay whine, back to my haul :D So I'm going to give the shadow insurance a go.

I'm not sure if any of you have tried CARGO makeup. I haven't but this one set sounded awesome. ^^ It's a complete makeup set with supposably with everything you need for a complete look with their 7 items in 7 minutes. Thus the 7 in 7 name. It's got a base, eyeliner, mascara, a neutral eye shadow palette, blush, lip liner and a lip gloss. xD last but not lease my first Paul & Joe product. LOL it's another lip liner.

I hope no one is thinking I'm "showing off", I think haul posts are interesting, I take it more like a quick glance and what kind of products on the market. And maybe like what kind of reviews to expect in the future on this blog :P I like reading other's haul posts too.

Hopefully I get my internet back soon, I've got scans for the new Dolly Wink make up items coming up.

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