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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

SANA Soya Milk Q10 Toner

Hm... so Where have I been... well, I was just busy with Christmas approaching and stuff; and I'm currently still sick. .-. really sucks with all the sneezing and coughing, I really don't want to be playing with makeup incase I sneeze on it. xD lol that'll been ewww. Plus I'm giving my skin a break from all the foundation, powders and BB creams I've been using daily. :P

Anyway, I think I've mentioned that I was using SANA's Soya Milk Q10 Toner (200ml) before. It's been a while now so I thought I'll write up a short piece on what I think of it.
From the description on sasa.com, the SANA Soya Milk Q10 Toner is meant to "help replenish water loss in the skin and enhance absorption of skin treatment. Capsulated Q10 and Soybean Isoflavone fluid enhance skin cells penetration which allows deep nourishing effect. Combined with vegetated-collagen which effectively improves skin elasticity. Skin will be look healthy, energetic and refreshed after use."

Like most of SANA's skincare products, there packaing is in a simple bottle with its distintive paper label at the front. (This is the one with the pale peachy pink bottle and the pale gold cap.) I do like it's simpleness though, it's in a very good size and rather comfortable and convinence to use.

The toner is a thin translucaent white, watery liquid that leaves it feeling soft and moisturised. It does on the to the hand leave a slightly sticky residue until its fully absored. It's incrediably also gentle on the skin and there's a very low fragance so I think it'll be good for those with very sensitive skin.

On the down side, I personally don't think it's done much for my skin. I agree, it does make my skin look healthy, energetic and refreshed straight after using it. But it's hard to tell if it's from the toner alone or whether it's just because I've just cleansed my skin. LOL

I dunno about helping with skin elasticity, especially because I never use toner alone, I can safely say 99% of us would apply at least another a moisturer after a toner anyway. :P On the bright side, I didn't get any bad reactions from using it but this isn't something I would rave but a nice product to try your skin's getting sensitive, and want to use something that won't irritant it more.

Anyone know which of SANA's products are good?


  1. I have been sick a lot this year too...nasty germs going around. Hope you feel better soon.

    Have you try Thayers' toner? I love it, one of the few items I repurchase.

  2. @BEAUTIFUL CANVAS, thanks! :) nope I haven't try Thayer's products yet. They don't sell them in Sydney, ah I feel like there's such a limited range of products here. I'll keep my eye out for them online. Thanks for the suggestion! I need a new good toner~

  3. How you describe this product sounds similar to Rohto's. Have you tried their version? Nice review!

  4. @hanidee, I haven't tried rohto toners yet, at the moment I'm using their hadalabo moisturiser and cleanser. I think Sana seems to place their emphasis on more "natural" ingredients, while hadalabo sounds much more pharmaceutical. Which toner from rohto do you think is good?

  5. I currently use Rohto's Hadalabo Shirojyun lotion (whitening vers.) I haven't tried the original toner so I can't say if one is better. But I do like the Shirojyun lotion as its helping me with my acne scars.