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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hi hi!! :D
Just a quick message to wish everyone a Very Very Merry Christmas!!! I can't believe a year's gone by so quickly~ Hope everyone has a joyous time with your family and friends. A wonderful and safe break for the rest of the year :) and a even better new year to come!

<3 mint.


  1. Happy holidays Mint! How was your Christmas?

  2. @Blair, Great :D I was sick before but I was alot better just before christmas day. so it wasn't too bad :), just a few more days left then I gotta go back to work. So I'm gonna try and enjoy the rest of my holiday as much as i can :P
    Hope you had a great Christmas too!

  3. Happy new year babe! thanks for stopping by! <3

  4. Hope your X'mas was good! Happy New Year! =D