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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Integrate Rainbow Grade Eyes BR606

Here's a short post on what I thought about Integrate's Rainbow Grade Eyes eyeshadow palette in BR606 and a short reference/comparison with Majolica Majorca Majolook Trick On palette. Click to enlarge the images.
Integrate Rainbow Grade Eyes
This palette comes from the Integrate Fall 2010 Rainbow Grade Eyes Collection, in shade BR606 (3.5g). Starting with the packaging, it comes in a plastic rectangular palette with a mirror reflective lid, with a transparent center. So you can clearly see the colours in the palette and comes with a good quality double ended sponge applicator. Nice simple packaging :), but because of the shape of the packaging, the lid on Ingrate’s palette feels slightly flimsy, as in when you put up the palette from the two sides, you can feel the lid shifts from side to side.
Integrate Rainbow Grade Eyes & Majolica Majorca Majolook Trick on
In terms of packaging, it’s most similar to Majolica Majorca’s palettes, from both the packaging to the sponge tip applicator, only Intergrate’s Rainbow Grade Eyes packaging are more ridged, while Majolica’s are more curved. Personally I’m not surprised since both brands are the children’s of Shiseido.

Here’s the swatches of the BR 606 palette, as you can see it comes with 5 colours, a powdery base (pale pearl pink), 1 highlight shimmer down the bottom with large glitters, and 3 powder eyeshadow colours in the heart shape.
Integrate Rainbow Grade Eyes BR606 Swatches

I found this palette to be on the sheer side, you really have to pack it on the get the colour. Mainly because I found that once I start blending it, the colours just disappear. Unless it’s just the colours in this palette? I’m also not a huge fan of very large glitters in eyeshadows, the shimmers didn’t come out on the photo swatches but you’ll see it under the light in real life. If you look at the photo with the flash, you kinda can tell there’s a sparkle to it.

Personally I don't regret purchasing it, I just prefer and think the quality of majolica’s majolook trick on palette was better, the shimmers were fine and gave a pretty velvet metallic shine. A lot like the pearly base in this Rainbow Grade Eyes palette, whereas the shadows in this Integrate palette were more glittery. I’ve read other good reviews on this though. Guess it depends on personal preference.

What do you think of it?
Do you like the Integrate Rainbow Grade Eyes palette range?


  1. I wanted a palette from this range so badly (the heart shaped pan is soooo cute!!) but now that you said it's sheer.. going to give it a miss =D Thanks so much for killing my lemming!!

  2. @Blair,
    Yea xD the cute packaging's really the main reason I bought it too! I don't know why it came out so sheer on me. It looks really pigmented on others, guess I really do need a primer.

  3. Cute packaging but since cutting down on buying makeup I was tempted but refrained :)

  4. i got this same palette last week :) haven't tested it out lol but the packaging is to die for!

    feel free to check out my giveaway too :)!

  5. The shades of this palette are so nice for the autumn season!

    I love the 'frame' of your photos! How did you do that?

  6. love your review hun ^_^

    hope you could visit my new blog here:

    much love,

  7. @Jennifer, really! let me know what you thought of it too :D I dunno if I was being very harsh with it. haha

    Thanks :) my sister help me make the photo template for this blog in photoshop, with the effects. It's a lot more work doing those pictures now, but I think it's worth it. :P

  8. Thanks for getting back at my comment :)

    I'd do a review of this palette sometime soon ^_^ Using google docs to create the giveaway form isn't hard at all :) at least you don't need to count the entries one by one (if it was done through commenting by each person), google docs transform the results in a spreadsheet ;)

  9. hi again ^_^

    RYC about benefit foundation: it provides good enough coverage for me but without being too thick and cakey! I also love that it evens up my skintone and not pink at all (most western brands' liquid + powder foundations are pink-toned).

    What foundation are you currently using :)?

  10. Sooo pretty~~~ I just placed an order on this...Shud get more Lavshuca instead..Hmm..

  11. i joined a group order by another blogger who ordered them when she was in Taiwan i think, and i ordered too much lol, i've got the aqua trans powder and another loose powder too, concealer, and two of the primers with SPF, but i actually need one only LOL the other one is untouched. if you wanna swap let me know XD

    on the other hand, many bloggers said the aqua concealer works for them :D

  12. hey :) are you on MUA (MakeUpAlley)? I've got a swap profile there if you'd like to check out for my previous swap history :) it's my first time swapping with a blogger overseas though (in the past we swapped face to face in London, lol).

    The extra one i got is Kevin Beautymaker Light-primer SPF 30 PA++ in pearl pink :) it's not shimmery however lol dont be misled by the 'pearl'. this one is sealed :)

    I guess to swap overseas we can ship each other's end out ? just like normal swaps do :)?

    haha don't feel pressured if you don't want to go ahead with it ^_^ i just thought it would go to a better home instead of sitting in my drawer LOL

  13. thanks for the review!! i was temped too.. i guess if im going to get another palette it would be from the majomajo line

  14. Im in love placing an order :)

    Come visit my blog!


  15. :) out of the army of canmake cream blushes, i love the new one #09 ad #01 peach dream a lot, and possibly #04 vitamin orange too - makes my face look healthy XD

    do you own any of their blush (cream/non-cream)? :)

  16. ryc: the lunasol palette is in blue and green variation (05) :) what is your go-to powder blush at the moment?

  17. You need to do a FOTD with this palette!! Come to think of it, I've never seen you doing FOTD/EOTDs =]

  18. @Blair,
    Yea that sound about right, I'm very camera shy :P (and not very good with it, haha) so I haven't done any FOTD/EOTD yet. Still not very comfortable with it but I'll consider it in the future :P