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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Eclipse Nail Polishes

Sorry for the lack of posts, just been busy lately. Anyway, I saw these nail polishes on Friday night and couldn’t resist buying some :D, they’re from Morning Glory in China Town, Sydney. For those of you who don’t know, Morning Glory is a cute Korean store that sells a lot of cute things like stationary to Korean cosmetics, gifts and home ware depending on each store.

These nail polishes’ are from a Korean brand called Eclipse, Nailwear Enamel; the colours are very pretty ^^ although I’ve never heard of this brand before. Have any of you heard of that brand? It’s quite a good size nail polish with 15mL (0.5fl.oz) and a beautiful translucent glow. Like a lot of the Asian cosmetics, the colours are differentiated by numbers, I’ve bought 5 bottles of Eclipse nail polish in 138 (pearly peachy red), 216 (pale pink with a purple pink glow), 220 (pearly deep lilac) and 233 (pearly pale nude peach) and 329 (pale bronze).
Eclipse nail polish
Ingredients: Butyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate, Nitrocellulose, Tosylamide-Expoxy Resin, Stearalkonuim Hectorite, Silica, Camphor, Dimethicone, Citric Acid

These nail polish is very running and glides on the nail smoothly, although it does have a strong alcohol nail polish scent. It drys quite quickly, which I really love before I always end up smudging it as it drying :P The first coat goes on very translucent and with 2 coats the colour’s quite true to the bottle yet translucent enough that you can still see through the nail.

Here’s the swatches of each nail polish below:
Eclipse Nail Polishes 138Eclipse Nail Polishes 216
Eclipse Nail Polishes 220
Eclipse Nail Polishes 233Eclipse Nail Polishes 329
What do you think of them? I'm curious, has any of you tried this brand?


  1. Nope, I haven't hear of this brand. 15mL is indeed a good size, the Korean polishes that I own don't state the volume given, but I'm very sure that they are lesser than 10mL..

  2. @Blair,
    yea, they look like they're about the same size as the old TheFaceShop nail polishes. Missha's old flower shaped bottle nail polishes has like 11.5ml.
    I think compared to those pretty japanese nail polishes like Dolly Wink, Majolica... These ones are a very good deal =0

  3. The name remind me so much of the Twilight: Eclipse. :p But this look quite a big bottle though, I saw the new DW nail polish gave it a swatch and its awesome~~

  4. ohh the gold is pretty, very fitting for the festive season!

  5. I bought a hot pink nail polish by Eclipse and absolutely love it! I cannot remember where I bought it so I have no idea where I can go and get more. Anyone who finds another place in sydney that stocks this nail polish.. please let me know. Best quality nail polish!

  6. Hm... I have the blue one (714) and I have to say that it's been pretty decent in covering the nail. It may be the colours that you were using.

  7. @blueberry-brown, probably. I like it slightly translucent so it doesn't bother me either way. :) they do have a great range of colours, the blue ones are nice :D

  8. i have so many of these nail polishes.. you can get them at almost any asian store.. the ones that sell lots of hello kitty.. brilliant nail polishes

  9. i have this brand and have 702 which is a bright neon pink,the 714 which was stated above and the 619 which is a pearl blue. the brighter and bolder the colour the less translusent but they are indeed a good size and pretty fast at drying.