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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Eclipse Nail Polishes

Sorry for the lack of posts, just been busy lately. Anyway, I saw these nail polishes on Friday night and couldn’t resist buying some :D, they’re from Morning Glory in China Town, Sydney. For those of you who don’t know, Morning Glory is a cute Korean store that sells a lot of cute things like stationary to Korean cosmetics, gifts and home ware depending on each store.

These nail polishes’ are from a Korean brand called Eclipse, Nailwear Enamel; the colours are very pretty ^^ although I’ve never heard of this brand before. Have any of you heard of that brand? It’s quite a good size nail polish with 15mL (0.5fl.oz) and a beautiful translucent glow. Like a lot of the Asian cosmetics, the colours are differentiated by numbers, I’ve bought 5 bottles of Eclipse nail polish in 138 (pearly peachy red), 216 (pale pink with a purple pink glow), 220 (pearly deep lilac) and 233 (pearly pale nude peach) and 329 (pale bronze).
Eclipse nail polish

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Integrate Rainbow Grade Eyes BR606

Here's a short post on what I thought about Integrate's Rainbow Grade Eyes eyeshadow palette in BR606 and a short reference/comparison with Majolica Majorca Majolook Trick On palette. Click to enlarge the images.
Integrate Rainbow Grade Eyes
This palette comes from the Integrate Fall 2010 Rainbow Grade Eyes Collection, in shade BR606 (3.5g). Starting with the packaging, it comes in a plastic rectangular palette with a mirror reflective lid, with a transparent center. So you can clearly see the colours in the palette and comes with a good quality double ended sponge applicator. Nice simple packaging :), but because of the shape of the packaging, the lid on Ingrate’s palette feels slightly flimsy, as in when you put up the palette from the two sides, you can feel the lid shifts from side to side.