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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Benefit Boi-ing Industrial Strenght Concealer Review

When I wrote up my review on Kevin BeautyMaker’s Aqua Eye Concealer, I mentioned before I used Benefit's boi-ing concealer for a while before swapping over to it. So I thought it’ll be a good idea to write up a review for Benefit’s also. Here's the BeautyMaker Aqua Eye Concealer review if you're interested. This review is based on the Boi-ing Industrial Strenght Concealer in 02-medium, when it was in the palette packaging with the mirror though. Now onto Benefit's Boi-ing concealer with a quick comparison between the two concealers.

Benefit boi-ing concealerBenefit Boi-ing Industrial Strenght Concealer (3g Net wt 0.1oz)

Benefit boi-ing industrial strength concealer comes in a very portable small round compact with a hook type bit at the front to keep it securely closed like most palettes. I really like how simple, compact and practical the packaging is, in comparison with BeautyMaker's Aqua eye concealer they are both about the same size, Boi-ing is about 5cm in diameter while the Aqua eye concealer is 4.5cm in diameter. Although Beautymaker sounds smaller, the plastic on Benefit's feel much more sturdy and isn't as flimsy in design. Both these concealers contain 3g.

Benefit boi-ing concealerIn terms of the product, Benefit's Boi-ing gives you great coverage. When I purchased this a long time ago, they only had 02 - medium which looked a little too dark for my skin tone but surprising once you smooth it out, it's blends quite well with the natural skin tone.

Anyway, it's come out with a new packaging and 3 shades now, 01 light, 02 medium and 03 Deep. So the new packaging's for the see-through screw cap jar.

Here are the swatches of the 3 Boi-ing concealer shades.
Benefit boi-ing concealer swatches
On the downside, for me; I found it a bit drying on my skin, because of this sometimes it seems to accentuate fine lines. In terms of it being crease proof... it was pretty okay.

While the Aqua eye concealer has a lower coverage, overall it's thinner, moister and very comfortable on the skin. Boi-ing feels creamy yet it still feels quite dense and doesn't blend as easily as Beautymaker's. Beautymaker's seems to melt under the finger and spreads easily; mainly because of how moist it is.

Benefit's Boi-ing concealer was also not cakey and still feels quite light on the skin which i was quite surprised. Seeing it had such a great coverage. I haven't found any concealers that has both the concealer and comfort as Boi-ing, and I find myself going back to this regularly when I really need to conceal any dark circles :P .

Overall I'm still pretty happy with Benefit's Boi-ing, it's very hard to just say Beautymaker's was better because of how great the coverage is with Boi-ing. But Beautymaker's Aqua Eye concealer is a better option when you just want a natural light coverage, and go for Benefit's Boi-ing for you need it's coverage strength.

One thing to note is that Benefit’s Boi-ing concealer is an overall face concealer, while BeautyMaker’s is an eye concealer. So no doubt it’s much better when used for concealing blemishes. But I still used it mainly under my eyes, which’s why I’m comparing the two. Anyway with the new shades, the 02-medium looks different now. Not sure if it's because my skin tone has changed, but the new medium shade is too dark on me, while the 01-light is too light. LOL

Do you girls think it’s better to get a specially made eye concealer for the eyes?
Or an all in one for the whole face concealer, is better?

I mean it’s practical to just have 1 item that covers all, yay to taking up less table space. Haha! Yet then again which is more important when weighting up convenience or one that is made/meant to be more suitable for the delicate eye area.


  1. I['m a great fan of this concealer, i tried Kevin beautymaker too, but sadly it creased and didnt cover up much of my dark circles :( but yes Boi-ing can be a bit drying...but all you need is a little dap then ^_^

  2. I recommend trying Bobbi Brown creamy concealer.. does a great job for me under the eyes...

    I've never found an all in one shade because the shade for under the eyes is suppose to be different from the rest of the face. Plus, there are loads of different kinds of colours that counter blemish colours.

  3. oh too bad to hear that it's drying when you use. Yea I am looking for a perfect concealer that won't dry on my eyes ans shows and finelines too =(

  4. oooo oo.... i think i better go and try out my boi ing concealer now since I just got it...