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Sunday, October 31, 2010

AdamBeauty.com Haul

Yay my first ever parcel from AdamBeauty.com arrived. I'm pretty happy with it even though I find the website itself not very user-friendly. Compared to say Sasa.com which I think is much more successful with their attractive and user-friendly layout... Other than the poor layout and the shopping cart doesn't save, it wasn't too bad.
Haul from Adambeauty.com
Ah... one more thing that really annoyed me was the pricing on the website. *rants* Because the display price is in HKD but overseas customers pay in USD. And you only get to see the actual USD cost of each item when you view the shopping cart. =/ Personally I prefer to know how much each item is without having to add it to cart, especially because their US price and HK price doesn't seem to follow the currency exchange rates. Not sure how it's calculated, because the prices look static on the webpage.

On the good side AdamBeauty was relatively quick and the items were also well protected with bubble warps. The only thing I found strange was that my parcel came in a brown document bag rather than a box o.O ... So one of my Palty hair dye box cos damaged in the mail, luckily I didn't get any broken shadow palettes or I would've been very upset. The palettes did get their own layer of bubble warp though.

In terms of beauty items, there's a box of Palty hair dye in Bitter Cappuccino and Juicy Peach for my sister. Some lipsticks and glosses, eye shadow palettes and a brow palette.
items from Adambeauty.com haul

Anyway, here's a photo of my delightful haul :)

The item I am most intrigued about are the tablet masks by Kanebo and Shiseido. They're very cool if you ask me :P the first time I saw this type of masks was on ning star's tablet/compressed mask blog post, and I thought "lol that's so fasinatingly weird  but awesome! I have to try out too". xD Have any of you used them too?
I've never seen them in Aus but at the same time, sheet masks doesn't seem to be very popular over here compared to Asia. Now I just need to decide what essence/lotion/toner to soak these masks in to use.

I've also finally got my hands on maquilage's palette in #11, I've been lemming for this for so long! It's also the main reason for this order. Its only the refill though, I'm not going to bother with the brush and compact. lol xD That's concludes my AdamBeauty haul. :)

BTW, Happy Halloween Everyone!!


  1. yey, you treated yourself to some lovely goodies.

  2. Ahaha yah a brown document bag that isn't taped or anything, just tied with a string o.O

    You bought an Integrate palette!! Please lmk how you like it, I'm still rather undecided..

  3. OMG!! U finally craved in and get all the good ones!! I love ur haul..I saw Maquillage, Integrate, Lavshuca, Coffet D'or and makeupmania?

  4. @Blair,
    Sure, I should be able to get the Integrate palette post up tomorrow. :)

    yea xD I've been spending so much money recently. I figured I should get everything while the AU currency's high. So I'm like, let's trying one of every brand! :DD

  5. speaking of Beautymaker, you like their Aqua concealer right :)? (i looked at the giveaway spreadsheet lol) I have it too but it wouldn't cover my circles, not at all >_< i ended up swapping it with another blogger! What else besides the foundation and concealer have u tried from Beautymaker? :D i'm curious!

  6. @Jennifer,
    yea the concealer's coverage isn't that great, but my dark circles aren't too bad. So I'm not too concerned about making it look flawless.
    I've also got their aqua trans loose powder and oil control gel but I haven't used the gel yet. I'll do a review on the powder later.
    I was hoping to get my hands on their make up items but I don't see it in a lot of places. =/

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  8. wow great haul! I look forward to seeing what you think of the products. Thanks for letting us know about a new website to check out, too!

  9. HI, how much did the shipping cost? Is it per item or flat rate?

  10. @Anonymous, the shipping at adambeauty is already included in the item price, so you pay exactly what the shopping cart ads up to with the items.

    So it's not really free shipping, but you don't get billed with the shipping cost on top of the items.

    Make it easier to understand since what you see is what you pay. You do need to make sure you look at the USD price in that cart rather than HKD price on the product page, because the cost is different to what you assume from just calculating with the exchange rates.