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Sunday, September 26, 2010

SANA Soya Milk Arbutin Milk Lotion and Toner Review

Just a short review for Sana’s Soya Milk Arbutin Lotion and Toner. I forgot to get more photos and post it up so it’s slightly overdue now, :P but yea... I’ve used both these products together so I won’t write a separate review for each because it’ll be hard to separate the two.

SANA Soya Milk Arbutin Milk Lotion and Toner
Here’s the product description from Sasa.com below:
Sana Soya Milk Arbutin Toner (200ml)
Description: Sana Soya Milk Arbutin Toner contains Soya Isoflavone which can hydrate skin and help to assimilate skincare applying afterwards. Also, active whitening ingredient Arbutin is also contained; it helps to control the formation of melanin effectively so as to prevent the occurrence of dark spots.
After applying Sana Soya Milk Arbutin Toner, your skin will be lightened, moisturized and more elastic. Coloring and mineral oil free.

Sana Soya Milk Arbutin Milk Lotion (150ml)
Description: Sana Soya Milk Arbutin Milk Lotion contains Soya Isoflavone and the active whitening ingredient, Arbutin. It moisturizes skin without greasy feeling and lightens your skin tone.
After applying Sana Soya Milk Arbutin Milk Lotion, your skin will be brightened, moisturized and more elastic. Coloring and mineral oil-free.

Sana Soya Milk Arbutin Milk Lotion is a light lotion that feels very smooth on the skin. A small amount spreads easily over a large area. One bottle lasts for many months, my estimate is around 9 months of daily use. It is quite hydrating and is a good lotion for summer as it is not heavy or greasy on the skin. But as it is very light, this lotion may not be suitable during very dry months like winter. The lotion is very natural since it is made of soya milk and feels comfortable on the skin. It is also colouring and mineral oil free, so I think it’ll be good for those with sensitive skin. Likewise, the Soya Milk Arbutin Toner is also made from Soya milk and is colouring and mineral oil free. It’s very easy to use and feels fresh on the skin.

Both products have a nice light fragance and are supposed to have whitening properties. However after months of daily use, the whitening effect wasn’t very obvious. After applying it, your skin does look brightened but effects doesn’t seem very long term. In terms of package, like most of SANA’s Soya milk range the packaging’s very simple, bottle design, which I like. : ) Even the labelling is almost the same.
Overall, it feels nice on the skin, very smooth and light. I think it’ll be nice for people sensitive skin or for summer when you need something that’s refreshing and non-clogging.

Anyway, on the sidenote I usually find that most Toners don’t delivery to what it claims to do... I have taken a liking to SANA’s skin product though. I like its simple and natural side, at the moment I’ve been using Sana’s SOYA MILK Q10 Toner.

Have you girls tried SANA’s skin product and what do you think of it?


  1. haven't heard of it or tried it! sounds like good stuff for acne prone/combination skin : ) i'd have to look at the ingredients sometime

    thank you so much for keeping up with me : )

  2. Nope, never tried anything from Sana. Right now I'm using a lotion from Barrier Repair =D

  3. @sssdawna, I don't think many places have the whole list of ingredients. Usually I'll type them up but these bottles were all in Japanese @_@

    @Blair, ah I've never tried Barrier Repair before. What's it like? =o

  4. i tried this whitening soy milk toner and the normal soy milk toner before. i just think they were water with color LOL..

  5. I see this brand a lot in pharmacy.. I'll definitely keep my eyes for this brand tho I like aqualabel for now.

    The slippers are fun to wear! Not sure about to ing effects but I do my legs tightened when I stand with them on :) I might have to review it later on lol

  6. I see it once or twice in a drug store, but wondering what's this all about. Thank you for the insight!