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Sunday, September 19, 2010

French Coquettes: Lancome Fall 2010 Color Collection

Picked up this booklet of Lancome’s new Fall 2010 Collection by Aaron De Mey, the other day. (Scans below). This collection is mean to capture the spirit of Parisienne women with the colours of deeps plums, charcoals and nudes.

It’s actually a large range of items for this Lancome Fall collection but I think their shadows really stand out. There’s the ultra sparkling eye shadows that’s suppose to be extremely long wearing and crease resistant, comes in 3 colours: Black Macadam, Urban Silver and Cherry Chérie. And their Limited Edition Eye Shadow Quad in French Touch. The colours look beautiful, looks like theres’ a light nude colour, two plumy pinks and a violet colour. It’s a beautiful combination :D The pinks in the new powder blush looks adorable!

As for the lips, there’s 4 new colours to their lipshine range and 3 new colours for the lipsticks. I’m mostly interested in their new Sweet Nude colour. I passed by their counter the other day and got the swatches of these new lip shine colours. They pretty pigmented and there’s some very fine sparkles. It looks amazing in the sunlight!
Lancome lip gloss, Fall 2010 colours swatches

Unfortunately I didn’t see the new eyeshadows, or else I would’ve swatched them too.
Has anyone laid their hands on this collection yet? :D

Here’s a quick link to their entire French Coquettes Collection if you want to see the range.


  1. mmm Lancome...hahaha can't wait to try it out!

  2. i think all I want is the rose blush... haha