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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Essie Nail Polish in Sydney!

Essie Nail Polish Sydney
Guess what! I saw a stand of Essie Nail Polish at Paramatta Myer Sydney on Saturday! (Myer is a large department store for those outside Aus). My memory’s pretty vague now :P but I think there was a sign saying it’s a new brand they’re bring into Myer =0 I’m not sure whether all Myer stores in Sydney will have it or in the other states but it’s pretty cool~
Essie 'Matte About You' Finisher
Essie "Matte About You" Finisher
I’ve read and seem many swatches of their nail polishes and some are pretty nice! I really want to try the Essie “matte about you” finisher, the one that makes your nails matte and frosty looking. I love the look :D

I remember Myer’s retailing essie nail polishes at $18.95AUD each. When I saw that I was like... ok... *backs away* haha  I don’t know about you but I’m not prepared to dish out nearly $20 for a nail polish... They are doing a promo when they’re giving away a bottle of Essie’s top coat for free with any essie nail polish purchase. But still I have a few bottles of top coats already .-. and I only want the Matte finisher which is also a top coat. xD” ... lol?

But yea... I’m still surprisely happy excited :D it seems Myer’s been bringing in a lot of different brands lately. LikeIllamasqua, Hour Glass and Guerlain.
Of course, I’ve only seen these available at the City Myer store. I have yet to see Urban Decay and Make Up For Ever, hopefully I’ll see sold here sometime too.

BTW there's a Giveaway at welovetoothfairy.com

I’m not sure if any of you also read the notesfromthetoothfairy blog, but she’s back and her blog’s moved to www.welovetoothfairy.com. And she’s doing a nice giveaway for fun : ) very cute~  *waves to Toothfairy* check out the giveaway here, it closes on the 24th sorry for the late post, been busy :P


  1. wow almost $20??! go online to essie's website. they have a link to "shop now"...they're only $8 on there and they ship internationally so, might be better! ^_^

  2. Wow there's a ESSIE stand!!! i have to go check it out!! but being so expensive I'm think I'll only look...

  3. heyyy i'm new to your blog.i love the fact that you live in sydney just like i do =D
    that way i can actually try the stuffs you relate easily since we live in the same place =D
    great blog.keep it up

  4. @sssdawna, thanks for the suggestion! :D yea I might do that instead.

    @Shanghainese Dumpling, do they have it in Perth too? =0

    @rock_chick, :) cool, I do tend to buy a lot of my things online. xD but yea it's cool to beable to share and talk about things we can get locally.

  5. I love Essie nail polish. They have such great colors. I can never know what to pick. Xo