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Saturday, July 3, 2010

SPÖKA Night light, CLEO Mag Scan: Winged Eye + May’s beauty blog giveaway

It’s been so cold lately it just makes me wanna hibernate Dx . Even though its right in the middle of winter now in the south hemisphere, it was still kinda warm till late June but the temperature’s just dropped so quickly and there will be more freezing days to come. Ah I wish I could sleepin in my warm bed every morning. That would be so ideal! The nasty weather’s been making my skin very dry and my fingers are icy cold that I barely want to touch my face or skin. *shivers* Doesn’t help when most creams and lotion are cold too. lol

So anyway, I'm not sure what you girls and boys think of night lights but I’ve always had a thing for them. :P Somewhat childish but I find them super cute and kinda practical. I mean they are no different to a bedside lamp only its colourful, dimmer and prettier. *nods* Thus I bought this super super cute SPÖKA Night light from IKEA!! Yay!!! Comes in 3 designs, a red, blue and green which I bought.

The photo really doesn’t do it justice with the glow, but it’s actually very bright and shines 4-6 hours when the battery’s full, then you can just plug it in the powerpack that comes with it and recharge it. I love how there’s no cords hanging out of it and I don’t need to find a powerpoint to plug it in. It’s also a touch light by pressing at the top of the ghost’s head. A impulse buy but IMO it’s extremely cute just to have it as a display item. :D Like it?

Next the mag scan...
I scanned this page a while ago but never posted it up. Anyway it’s a gorgeous looking winged eye look by Nicole Thompson, a senior artist for MAC Australia. (this is from the Cleo May 2010 issue) You can enlarge the image to read the step by step instructions. I think it’s a great look for a party or night out. It’s slightly dramatic for Summer. But for those of you in the north hemisphere, if you want to try it and play around with it for your coming winter. That should be interesting. :P

Now the giveaway notice. May’s having her first mini giveaway to celebrate your belated birthday and reaching 50+ followers. Happy birthday! Btw awesome giveaway, I think you should enter too! :D

The items in the pic are:
* Marc Jacobs Keyloop Leopard print
* Jacobs by Marc Jacobs (Marc Jacobs for Marc by Marc Jacobs)
* Little Lower Flower Portfolio khaki bag
* She’s also throwing in a surprise gift of  which she has revealed as Lancome gift set and DollyWink no.1 false lashes.

The giveaway ends 18th July at 11.59pm London time. Here’s her post: http://maypearls.blogspot.com/2010/06/my-first-mini-giveaway.html

Here’s the link if you missed my post with the images of the different Dolly Wink False Lashes and want to take a look.


  1. These SPÖKA night lights are adorable! The ones that I used to use are nowhere near as cute as these haha

  2. what a cute night light heheh

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  4. The SPOKA Night light looks so cute!

    Lots of love,