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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Portable Handbag Butler/Hook

From my last delightful haul, here’s a short description about the small flat compact mirror looking object in the photo. But nope, it's not a mirror.
portable handbag hook
This is a flat compact handbag holder which unfolds into a hook shape to hand your handbag on. It’s very straight forward to use. Simply unfold the compact, sit the printed design piece at the edge of the table with the hook facing inwards. And you’re ready to hang your handbag on it. It’s as simple as that! Super easy to use and convenient to carry. When you’re done with it, just lift it up and fold it back up. There’s also 2 small magnet pieces that clicks the hook in place so you don’t need to worry that it’ll unfold and rock around in your handbag. Plus there’s a rubbery piece underneath for extra grip on the table.
portable handbag hookportable handbag hook
This one in particular came with a small pouch to carry it in, I’ve also seen ones that have a mirror or clock on the face or it doubles up as a pill box, only those ones are slightly larger. There’s also the type where the hook piece is just a long piece of metal tube which spins, allowing it to sit horizontally flat.
Personally I think they’re great in situations where it’s uncomfortable to have your hangbag on your lap but you don’t want to place it on the floor. Or if you work in a office, it can really save you table space and you won’t end up kicking your handbag or wheeling your chair at it if it’s on the floor. Lol

I’ve tried using it and it actually grips very well if you ask me; it’ll take some effort to slide it off the table. Personally I don’t think it’ll hold bags that are very heavy without breaking it. But it’s good enough for your average size handbag and great for dinner parties. :D

What do you think?


  1. AMAZING!!! Genius! When I go out I always don't want to take a nice handbag because I'm scared of dirtying it by leaving it on the floor, so I end up with it behind me (on the chair), which is rather uncomfortable, but hey, it keeps it clean.

  2. That is genious! i've always wanted to try those bag hook things but they're quite pricey here! It's great for germophobes like me who refuse to put their bags on the ground. haha!!