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Sunday, June 6, 2010

More Delightful Shopping! *High5*

I know I said I’ll need to hold back from any more shopping for awhile, but there’s just so much great stuff out there to try :P and with the stocktake sale happening I just couldn’t resist! So I have yet again made another haul during the week. But I guess it’s ok since it makes me happy ^^ that’s all that matters right? Lol

Here it is below

Just some new lip glosses, a lip cheek stainer, lip balms, eye liners, a hangbag hook and fragrances. Reading all those wonderful beauty blogger reviews is making me a shopaholic if I’m not one already :P

I’ve also made some changes to the colour scheme and look to something simple. I hope everyone likes the new look! Hopefully it’s easier to read now and doesn't look boring :P what do you think?


  1. I like your new layout! Very simple and very different!!! Maybe I should change mine again...

    You got some great stuff!!!!

  2. Nice haul!! What's the little pretty compact down in the right hand corner? A mirror?

  3. @k, thanks!

    @Jian, the thing down the bottom right is a portable handbag hook. :) it folds out and sits on the table so you can hang your hangbag on it. I'll put some pictures up tomorrow of it.

  4. HAHAHAHA wow. I really didn't expect it to be the handbag hook. I assumed it was not in the picture or hiding or something...

  5. I can never resist Burt's Bees!