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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Benefit Summer 2010 items

I picked up the new Benefit Summer 2010 catelog like beginning of the month, so here's some scans of the items.

Benefit 360 degree Stay Don't Stray eye primer
Their've got a new eye primer for concealers and eyeshoadows called 360 degree Stay Don't Stray (10mL/0.33 US fl oz). It comes in a pump bottle and the reason it's called 360 degree is because it can be used around the whole eye to help both eyeshadows and concealers stay put all day. It also has vitamin C and E to help fight the signs of aging.

/Benefit Ultra Shine Lipgloss
There's also a new range of lipglosses called Ultra Shines (5ml / 0.17 US fl ox). They come in 5 colours, spiked punch (juicy coral), dancing queen (watermelon pink), wild child (glimmering amethyst), back to the fuchsia (sparkling fuchsia) and foxy lady (diamond rose). It's meant to have an unbelievably glossy, reflective finish with a brush applicator.

Here's a image of their whole lip range:
Benefit Lip Range

Benefit BathinaBenefit Sugarbomb
A new shimmering body balm called Bathina (42.5g Net wt. 1.5oz). It's suppose to give you a golden-pink sheen glow.
Of course then there was the face powder, Sugarbomb (12g Net wt. 0.42oz); which many beauty bloggers have reviewed. It's got 4 shades of Roses, shimmering pink, soft plum and peach which you can mix together or use separately if u wanted to.

Benefit Summer 2010 Eau de Toilettes
Benefit's also released 3 new fragrances in 30ml bottles called:
laugh with me LeeLee - a light blend of citrus, jasmine and lily blossoms.
* top notes: cassis, melon, citrus
* middle notes: black violet, lily, jasmine
* bottom notes: blonde wood, amber, santal

something about Sofia - a dream of oriental blossoms, mango and vanilla.
* top notes: mango, freesia
* middle notes: sheer lily, jasmine sambac, peony petal
* bottom notes: musk, white caramel, vanilla bean

my place or yours Gina - an alluring affir of pink pepper, wild raspberry and patchouli.
* top notes: pink pepper, bergamot, tangerine
* middle notes: peony, wild rasberry, white lily
* bottom notes: patchouli, tonka bean, vanilla

And some new shades of some of their products:
The Some kind-a Gorgeous Cream Foundation (9.5g Net wt. 0.34oz) now comes in a Lite shade for those with fair complexions.
Their Instant Brow Pencil now comes in a new deep shade for darker brows.

I'm not a super fan of Benefit but it's nice to see what's new. I've tried some of their products and some were good, while others didn't work so well for me :P . What are some of your experiences? Here a quick link to benefit's site if u want to check out more products and details http://www.benefitcosmetics.com/


  1. Really informative post :) Great! I love their perfumes, by far the nicest scents. xxx

  2. love this post sooo much.... i heart benefit, only if they were cheaper over here, i might keep on hauling them

  3. @Joanna, the bottle looks great too. colourful and interesting. :)

    @ning, I know what you mean about the price. I wish they weren't as expensive too.

  4. Bathina looks tempting. Weather is not nice here at the moment so hopefully this would help with brightening the skin.

    Thank you for sharing mint =)

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