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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Aqua Label White UV Cut Milk SPF29 PA++ Review

Shiseido’s Aqua Label White UV Cut Milk SPF29 PA++ (50mL)
Description: Aqua Label White UV Cut Milk SPF29 PA++ could block UV rays and remove spots, freckles for white skin.
• Hyaluronic acid and collagen hydrate skin to prevent dry skin caused by exposure to sun light.
• Vitamin C whitens skin.
• SPF29 PA++ prevents spot formation.
• Fragrance-free and coloring-free. Dermatologist-tested.

How to use it: Use as the last step of daily skin care in the morning.
Suitable for: oily and acne skin

Aqua Label White Uv cut milk:
Having used countless whitening products from moisturisers, toners to wash, normally I don’t believe in whitening products as the result is never visible. However I will strongly recommended those who are looking for a whitening product to try Shiseido’s Aqua Label White UV Cut Milk. Of course I cannot guarantee that this product will work for all everyone due to different skin types etc, but it has worked for me. Originally I thought I’ll give this Aqua Label White Uv cut milk a go purely because I needed a moisturiser with UV protection for the day. After browsing some of the other options Aqua Label’s White Uv cut milk seemed like a good option.

Aqua Label’s White UV Cut Milk contains SPF 29 PA++ and comes in a slim oval blue plastic bottle in 50ml. It has a lovely light, milky lotion texture that feels wonderful on the skin. The lotion spreads easily without leaving a residue and only requires a small amount to cover the entire face. I like the way this bottle is designed, it’s simple, small and compact. It also has a narrow pointed head allows me to accurately see and control how much is dispensed, unlike many other moisturisers that simply uses a ‘hole’.

Over the course of 9 weeks I used this product as part of my morning routine (don’t need UV protection before bed) in place of my moisturiser, I love it; it’s pretty good in terms of moisturising. And I love the way it sits under my makeup. It gives my skin a smooth touch like many lotion based make-up primers do. To my surprise the freckles under my eyes had noticeably lightened by the 7th week, even my friends commented about it. Of course, they haven’t completely disappeared as this is no miracle product. Regardless I am happy with its result. I would be worried if my freckles had quickly disappeared as I would question what harsh chemical were used in it! For those looking for a moisturiser with UV protection and wouldn’t mind the added bonus of whitening give Aqualabel White’s UV Cut Milk a try; I know I will continue to use this it.

Have any of you tried Aqualabel’s products and hot good results too?

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