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Monday, May 17, 2010

SugarBaby Diamond Dust Swatches and Thoughts

I stopped by the City Myer (Sydney) yesterday when I noticed saw this small range of makeup by a brand called SugarBaby. It was a little hidden away at the side which I don’t usually pay much attention too :P. Anyway, I decided to swatch it before I left the store. According to their official site SugarBaby.com.au, SugarBaby was originally founded by a pair of Aussie sisters Lizie and Nicci Clifton in 1998.

Product details from Sugarbaby.com.au, they also have a list of ingredients on the page if anyone is interested.

Diamond Dust Shimmer Shadows (3g / 0.10 oz)

Add some luxe to your look and steal the spotlight with these captivating iridescent loose eye shimmers. Pearlised, powdery-fine and silky soft loose pigments that deliver a sexy shimmering shadow.

Directions: Un-screw cap and apply directly to lids using foamed tip applicator. Tap gently to remove an excess powder is required.

Here the swatches of their eye shadows they had on display which you’ll see in the image below. Sorry I’ve forgotten some of the colour names, so I’ve matched it up as best as I could based on their website.

I don’t really use store testers on my face or eyes so here’s my thoughts about it from swatching only. The shadow is in the form of a fine loose powder and comes in a plastic tube with a sponge eye shadow applicator. It’s also got a gem on top of the lavender coloured lid which gives it a very girly bling bling feel to it. Personally it feels very barbie like to me...

It’s easy to use and gives an even application of colour besides copper, brunette and noir. The shimmery-ness is also very similar to a lot of Japanese shadows, the colours were soft but not as sheer except for Brunette. The shadows also transferred very easily even from a slight touch with my finger. Although it didn’t reduce the swatch’s colour by much however it does rubs off easily.

For my I really liked the shades but it’s a shame it rubs off so easily since I’m so conscience about makeup getting onto my clothes or other people’s clothes. lol Maybe next time I’ll do swatches on their glitter liner range :P

Anyone tried their products before?

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