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Friday, May 14, 2010

Recent Haul

After a long wait my package from Sasa finally arrived! Yay! I don’t know about you but I love opening all those bubble warps and getting my hands on my stuff! >=3 Of course that excitement doesn’t always last too long, but none the less a great feeling. Lol

Anyway, things happen both good and bad; and it being my birthday this month (last week to be exact :P) I’ve let myself spend more than usual since it’s the perfect excuse :D . It all starts with “I’ll get that as a early bday gift” to “it’s just been my b’day so I think I’m entitled to get something special” and finally “well it’s my birthday this month so I guess it’s ok to buy that too”. Do any of you do that too? :P

Another thing to make it worse is it’s far too easy to shop online! So here the first package that’s arrived. Just some more Beautymaker things, their Trans foundation shake up with SPF 13PA++ which I will use after I finish my current foundation from Clinque. And the super cute Love Pu Pu Cheek blush, which you’ve probably seen if you read Fuz’s blog (great blog if you haven't seen it!) Likewise for the Dariya magic hair sheets. I thought I’ll try out the Dollywink products too after seeing it on the beautiful eki’s blog :), its worth checking out if you haven’t seen it already. They’re a bit pricey and the lashes are huge compare the average false eyelashes, I’ll get some proper pictures once I dig my camera out :P it’ll be alone better than taking it on my phone... then a few packages of Mentholatum’s oil control films and lastly cotton pads in the big pink box by a brand called Sam Tin. Never heard of it but it says they’re made from 100% natural wood pulp tissue! When I read that I was like WHOA I gotta try that out! LOL ^^v so there it is.

Now to wait for the other stuff to come in and to refrain from buying anymore things for awhile. ^^" but Yay to new clothes, shoes and handbag. haha


  1. u got the falsies... that;s sooo cute :)

  2. ooh, looking awesome! next time you should try the espie lip blam from sasa.com. It's sooo sooo good! I really should write a review.. hehe.

  3. @ning, yep but it's really intense and amazing. :P

    @stephanie, thanks for the suggestion. I'll check that lip balm out :D

  4. I got Dollywink recently too, the entire set, haha. <3 The packaging is just too cute! >< I do that all the time, well I worked hard today so I should treat myself to some more makeup, hahahaha.

  5. Yay for getting all this great stuff! Can you believe I haven't gotten any Dollywink stuff yet? I just have too much in my stash right now!