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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dolly Wink False Lashes by Tsubasa Masuwaka

I picked this up at a Asian cosmetic store in Chinatown, Sydney and thought I'll scan it to show everyone. It's a postcard style promotional guide cards for Dolly Wink's products which focuses mainly on the false lashes. Dolly wink products are also available in a Black and Brown pencil eyeliner, Black liquid eyeliner, a false eyelash fix/false eyelash glue and a small false eyelash case. (click to enlarge all images)
dolly wink

Below are the images of the front of the cards:

Here are the images of the different types of Dolly Wink false eye lashes available.
No. 1 to 4, in Dolly Sweet, Sweet Girly, Feminine Style and Natural Girly are sets of upper lid false lashes:
dolly wink upper lashes No.1 and No.2
dolly wink upper lashes No.3 and No.4

While No. 5 to 8 in Pure Little, Real Nude, Vivid Pop and Baby Cute are lower lid false lashes:
dolly wink lower lashes No.5 and No.6
dolly wink lower lashes No.7 and No.8

It also has with a guide card explaining how to use their eyeliner, apply the false lashes and removing false lashes. Unfortunately it's in Japanese but that's ok since it's pretty straight forward and their are countless of blogs, youtube clips and sites about it. :P


  1. i'm looking forward to grab the liquid liner and falsies... haha

  2. Where in China town did you buy it from?

  3. @Anonymous,
    This was from AKA, there's one at Market city, Summit Arcade and Regent's place. There's also a Asian cosmetic shop on Sussex St, Sydney.