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Friday, April 16, 2010

Sana Pore Putty Face Powder SPF30 PA++ Review

I’ve been thinking maybe my blog needs a revamp... but have yet to decide what new look I want it to be like. Haha. At the moment I’ve taken a good interest in these three brands: SANA, Isqueen and Beautymaker. Although for me, I usually only get what’s available on Sasa.com which is annoying really since there’s so much more products these brands have to offer. Yet there isn’t always a great range, particularly for Beautymaker. Anyway, for now here’s a review on Sana’s Pore Putty Face Powder with SPF30 PA++.

Sana Pore Putty Face Powder SPF30 PA++
Description: Lightens up your skin, covers up all the flawless and pores, and creates perfect skin tone. It absorbs excess sebum, and creates a long lasting perfect make up.
Sana Pore Putty Face Powder packagingSana Pore Putty Face Powder packing back

The Sana pore putty pressed powder comes in a cute dark red compact case, with a mirror and thin sponge applicator. Unfortunately the sponge doesn’t last very long so you’ll need a replacement later. It’s about 1cm-1.5cm in height and 6cm in diameter, so it’s quite convenient and portable. The plastic case actually doesn’t look as cheap as it appears in the photo which was mainly due to the high shine of the plastic.

Sana Pore Putty Face Powder SPF30 PA++
The main issue I had with this powder was the white cast it added to my face after it was applied. In photos I looked almost “white”. The powder comes with a sponge applicator which I found picked up too much or too little of the powder. The powder itself also doesn’t last very long and will need to be replaced quite quickly. In the end I gave up on the sponge and switched to a brush instead. By using a powder brush, it proved to produce much better results. The white cast was less obvious and it felt less cakey. The powder also lasted for months of continue use, but there’s also the factor that I was using less powder in each application with the brush compared to the sponge.

Sana pore putty pressed Powder does the job but don’t expect too much from it. As you can see from the photo there seems to be a slight shimmer in the powder but it comes out fairly matt and the coverage is low without it getting cakey. It's also got a good SPF30 PA++, it didn't totally cover/hide the pores and actually made it more revealing when the powder got cakey...

Overall, Sana Pore Putty Face Powder is a ok compact face powder to take out and used to set your makeup. On the other hand if you know you’re going to be taking photos. It may be better to use a different face powder to avoid the white cast. Another thing is not to pact the powder on your face. I personally want to try out some other face powders and won’t be repurchasing as yet.


  1. i heard the shiseido sun powder pact is nice... I'm going to order that after i done my thesis hard cover :)

  2. I have been wanting to try the pore putty powder! I have liked other things in this line.... But Now I know not to! Thanks :)

  3. Great review! Pity it leaves a white cast, I hate it when products do that!