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Sunday, March 21, 2010

ISQUEEN Oil Control Refresher Review

Been awhile since I did a review and since I just finished using ISQUEEN's Oil Control Refresher. Here's a short review on it. :) There's a picture below of when it was new and sealed.

ISQUEEN LogoA bit about the brand: Isqueen Cosmetics was founded in Shenzhen, China 2005. Their goal is to become one of the leading skin-care manufacturers towards international standards.

According to the brand description from Sasa.com - "ISQUEEN has been a pioneer in introducing advanced Japanese NANO TECHNOLOGY and incorporating it into skin care products to provide full protection to skin and enhanced resistance against external harms, helping Asian female to create a radiant and glowing skin."

ISQUEEN Oil Control Refresher:
* Effectively moisturizing skin for 24 hours, making the skin feel supple and refreshing
* Replenish and hold hydration for oily yet dehydrated skin
* balance sebum secretion, regulate skin’s pH value
* prevent and cure acnes
* alcohol-free, minimize pores, making your skin fair and smooth

Suitable for: combination skin / oily and acne skin

Direction: After cleansing, apply suitable amount of balancing water on cotton pad, drum gently over the face and neck.

ISQUEEN Oil Control RefresherThe ISQUEEN Oil Control refresher comes in a 100mL, simple aqua blue pump bottle which makes it pretty convenience and easy to use. It also comes with a security clip to prevent the nozzle from pumping up any liquid if its falls. Etc.

The refresher itself is clear like water. Usually I pump the product onto a cotton pad and pat it on my face. It feels quite refreshing, but you do need a fairly moist cotton pad. It did irritate my skin at all. What I didn’t like about it was because you pat it on and leave it to dry. It feels almost like there’s some kind of residue on the skin, somewhat strange to touch. Moreover, I personally didn’t feel it worked very well on me.

It did help hydrate my skin, although the effect does not last for very long and the same with its oil controlling properties. My skin still became quite oily over after an hour or so. I did not notice it whether it help prevent and cure acnes. Nor did it have any effect on minimizing pores.

Overall, it was nice but wasn’t suitable for me and it’s not a product I would purchase again.

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