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Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Bad Experience with IKO Shoe

Late September, last month I bought a new pair of flats from a brand called IKO. It was somewhat strange, the shop's called EKO but all the stock is branded IKO. Anyway it was one of the most gorgeous shoes in a beautiful Gunmetal colour, but the quality was HORRIFIC!
Ok, so they were Fashion Shoes and really I didn’t expect them to last for years, but after wearing to work for 2 weeks, walking to and from the office and for lunch, this is what happened to them.

*Click pictures to enlarge*
Taken for my Haul post, News and Unworn.
IKO shoesIKO shoes

From 2 weeks of wearing:
IKO shoesIKO shoes
IKO shoesIKO shoes
IKO shoesIKO shoes
Both heel of the sole has virtually disappeared, it’s worn out so badly it looks like there's a hole and you can see the white lining/fabric of the base edge of the shoe. Most of the grip at the toes is gone. The inside lining is cracking. Now that’s pretty pathetic.
I hadn’t noticed it at first, until I slipped while crossing the road at the lights. That’s when I actually took at closer look at my shoes and found how worn out the soles were. I remembered the Girl Sale’s Assistant told me there was 1 month Quality Assurance on all their Shoes. It hadn’t been 1 Month; I still have my receipt, so I took it back into the store on Thursday and told the Sale’s Assistant (who surprisingly still remembered me) what had happened.
In short, this is what she told me: Because it’s almost been 1 Month, I can’t get a refund. She need to send my shoes back to the main office and let them see. The office will decide whether I get a New pair of shoes in the exact same Size, Colour and Style or give me a Credit note of the purchase; otherwise they will repair the shoes, and this will take 1 – 2 Weeks. She took my name and phone number, said she will note down what happened for the other staff and I confirmed with her because of how damaged it was, that I was either going to get a new pair of shoes or a credit note.
The next week on Tuesday, I dropped by the shop to check on what had happened to my shoes. There was another Girl at the shop, I told her I had left a pair of shoes here on their quality assurance warranty and showed her my receipt.
She couldn’t find any note of what happened, but found my shoes in their storage room and showed me it had been “Repaired”.
I took a look at it and it looked awful! There was no changes other than a sole replacement on the heel. It appeared that someone basically just taken off the remains of the old heel and super-glued a new pair on.

pictures taken after bring the repaired shoes home:

• There was a trail of rough transparent glue residue on the back on the right shoe.
• Glue around the edge of the heel's sole.
• The actual heel based attached to the sole, had sections of ripped lining.
• There is a hole at the back of the heel between the base and sole.
• The shoes are not leveled
Of course, I told the Sales Attendant I was not satisfied with the repair. I was told either it was going to be a new pair or a credit note. So I waited for her to ring the Office about the situation. She told me the Office said to send the shoes back and they will take a look at it again, since I had been told I was going to get a new pair. It was so annoying! I left them my name and number again and the Girl staff told me their Office can call me about the situation.

I did not get any calls back. So there I was, back at the shop on Friday afternoon to find out my shoes were still in the storage room. It was another Girl attending the shop; apparently the manager doesn't comes in. She did not appear to know what was going on, So she took my name and number again and said she’ll give me a call in 1 hour and find out what happened. Again I never got a call back.

So finally Saturday about Noon, I get a call from the girl who sold me the shoes and served me on Thursday at EKO. Apparently the shop was too busy for them to call me back on Friday. She told me, her manager told her there is nothing else they can do because when I bought the shoes it was on Promotion. Obvious I was not told their Quality Assurance does not cover Sale/Promotion stock when I purchased these shoes. They Will Not be giving me a new pair or a credit note, and can only repair it. She insisted my shoes had been “repaired by the manufacturer” and not by the staff in the shop. Told me “This is the only degree we can do” and wanted me to come in and pick them up. I told her about the quality of the repair and she was like “That really depends on the person”, “maybe for me it’s OK but for you it’s not”. So I told her, Yes to me that it was badly repaired, take a look there is a HOLE at the back of the heel. So she was like “Yes I am looking at your shoes now and but maybe for me it’s ok"... "I will asked my manager and see if it can be repaired again.” So the next day I get a called from the Girl and obviously it was a No. She was like my manager says “This is the only degree we can do”. =( I was so disappointed that they weren't going to do anything about it. I feel so ripped off but I couldn't do anything because this was all just word passing from the office/manager of the shop. The staff there can't seem to take any initiative, they were reluctant when I asked to speak with their office or manager and it was always "my manager never comes in". ~_~" argh! I admit defeat.

The end story, it had been the first time I bought anything from this shop and most certainly the last. So I picked up this badly repaired shoes since it was getting nowhere. This passing of messages is really a waste of time over a pair of $50AUD shoes.
I hope this is something you all can look out for from my terrible experience. I am so annoyed these shoes didn't last longer. It's very disappointing! I guess I expected a bit more since I bought them from a actual shop and not like something off the streets.

Have any of you had issues with your shoes like that?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Pink Ribbon Day everyone!

I decided to wear my pink, red and white top, and a pink jacket to work today in celebration of Pink Ribbon Day. Although the weather hadn't been that nice and rained most of the morning, I actually saw quite a few people with bright pink umbrellas. Very pretty!
As many bloggers have mentioned, there are so many items on the market that's helping the fund raising for breast cancer research. Which reminded me of the Dove deodorant I bought. sorry about the picture, didn't know I saved it in such a low quality.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day! <3

Friday, October 23, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness!

wuzzyangel (http://wuzzyangel.blogspot.com/) is doing a great Think Pink giveaway to help support Breast Cancer Awareness! What a great idea! We should all be spreading the words about this =D
Being in Australia, I've decided to gather some information and links about Pink Ribbon Day. There's also more links at the side.

Did you know: One in every nine Australian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer by the age of 85.

The Pink Ribbon Day:
Pink Ribbon DayThe 4th Monday in October is also the Pink Ribbon Day which lines on the 26th of October 2009 this year. It is our chance to help raise money and awareness for all women affected by breast cancer.

There are a great range of items available online via the Pink Ribbon Shop - http://www.pinkribbonshop.org.au/ such as accessories, gift packs, t-shirts, kitchen products, which look amazing!

There are also these items available at certain participating retailers only in Australia. You girls have to see the Diamante Pin! It's Gorgeous!!
Pink Ribbon

So how and where would the money raised by these merchandises by used?
National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF)
All the raised will go towards the National Breast Cancer Foundation's research into the prevention, detection and treatment of breast cancer. The NBCF is the leading community-funded national organisation in Australia raising money for research into the prevention and cure of breast cancer.

And this is not all. There are also many companies that has launched editions of Breast Cancer Awareness product, where a percentage of your purchase goes to charities that help fund these researches. So when you go shopping girls, make sure to look for these special pink products!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Four Oct/Nov Giveaways around

Tammi’s next appreciation giveaway contest for reaching 200+ followers.
Contest ends on Halloween 31 Oct 2009 (11:59pm Pacific Time). The winner will receive a Julu Jewelry piece of their choice!

Details here:


Pop Champagne (http://www.popchampagne.blogspot.com/ and http://www.glamsparkleandpop.blogspot.com/)is having a appreciation giveaway for all her lovely readers.
This giveaway is open to all bloggers, domestic and international. It ends on November 1st, 2009 and there will be 2 winners and here are the prizes.

Details here:


Audrey's Giveaway blog's holding a giveaway with Rhoda Rose on Etsy(http://rhodarose.etsy.com/). Rhoda Rose is giving one luck winner this amazing gift basket full of goodies. The draw will take place on: November 6 at 10PM Central Time

Details here:


*Notes from the Toothfairy* is holding her next giveaway. This time, it's all based on lovely jewelry, every Sunday, a new random winner is drawn. and ends on sunday 8 Nov 2009.

For the full details, visit her post here:
Good Luck!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Packages! yay

sorry about being MIA for a short while. Just a few thing's kept me away from blogging and doing reviews. I'm writing up a long shoe rant too =P
Now onto the happy stuff ^^ yay to packages ~

Love package from Em
My package from Em (http://toomuchblush.blogspot.com/) arrived end of Sep. *Sorry Em it took me so long to post about it @_@* She was so sweet to have mailed it to be with Express post =D luv her. There were all awesome Jemma Kidd items and left me a sweet note (love the bunny prints) <3!! jemma kidd eye shadow palettejemma kidd mascara urbanbrown
jemma kidd eye shadow modernistjemma kidd cream shadow chiffon

jemma kidd lip palettejemma kidd lipgloss airkissjemma kidd lipstick engrose

Another package arrived late last week from Puff (http://ohpuffcake.blogspot.com/
Package from Puff
=D She's go really nice handwriting and a great sense of humor xD There was a ELF Blush in peachy keen. I'm really interested in trying that since it's my first ELF item. Soem nice accessories and a cream by NC24 made in Australia. Haha.
The Asian Pear lip balm sounds very natural too. There's actually a Etsy shop URL on it, can't wait to try it =D

NC 24elf blush, maybelline illuminator

Have to go now >.<

Monday, October 5, 2009

MA CHERIE Aqua Energy Mist + MA CHERIE End Cure Milk Review

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!! Sorry, I haven’t been able to do any reviews this week.
Guest Review by iambubble. Special Thanks to her and she'll be doing more later as well. Hope everyone likes it!

Shiseido, MA CHERIE Aqua Energy Mist (200mL)
Shiseido, MA CHERIE Aqua Energy Mist
Shiseido Ma Cherie Aqua Energy Mist can be absorbed by hair easily. It moisturizes hair and prevents damage caused by hair dryer, allowing you to create perfect hair style easily.

Spray evenly on semi-dry or dry hair from 5-10cm away.

MA CHERIE Aqua Energy Mist SprayThe MA CHERIE Aqua Energy Mist comes in a tall and slim plastic spray bottle. The mist is clear like water, with a sweet light cherry fragrance.

Review: My hair had been damaged from colouring over a long period of time. I used the aqua energy mist on towel dry wet hair before I blow dry. It helps to detangle and smooth my hair out.
After using the mist 3 times a week for a month my hair is noticeably smoother, shinier and less frizzy. With less tangles I have noticed less breakages when combing, indicating stronger hair. The Aqua Energy Mist is not the best detangling product I have used but since it is not a detangler, I'm willing to overlook that. I like to think of it more as a leave-in conditioning mist. It can also be used on dry hair to refresh its appearance. After each sprays your hair is covered by a light fragrance, however as is it not a hair perfume the fragrance doesn't last very long.

Shiseido MA CHERIE End Cure Milk (100g)

This End Cure Milk is specially designed for concentrated care of damaged hair ends, but also good for other parts of hair body.

1. Deep Hair Repair & Nourishment: this essence-rich milky emulsion efficiently enters the core of hairs and provides intensive nourishment & damage care, repair and avoid split ends. The 'brightening gloss' ingredients helps regain the glossiness & healthiness of hairs
2. Against harmful UV rays in Daytime Activities: UV ray is one of the major enemies causing split ends, and this End Cure Milk gives you the barrier protects against it
3. Protection against Hair Dryer: offer protection against damage easily caused by the heat from hair dryer
4. Perfect Hair Smell: the newly added anti-smoke fragrance effectively removes any unpleasant smell such as cigarette
5. With MA CHERIE fragrance: with the characteristic nice floral (MA CHERIE) fragrance

Usage: Take 1-2 almond size (for semi-long hair) on palm or fingertips, apply on the ends of half-dried or dryed hairs, help and allows absorption. Apply the remaining milk on the hair body. Do not need to rinse off.
MA CHERIE End Cure Milk
The MA CHERIE end cure milk comes flat tube bottle with a flip cap. The milk / cream is in a soft thin, white lotion texture and slight watery. It has the same sweet cherry fragrance as the Aqua Energy Mist and spreads easily through hair.

Ma Cherie's End Cure Milk is a light conditioning cream. It is gentle on your skin and doesn't leave any sticky greasing residue on your hair and palms after use.
Unlike the spray the cream gives you more control. Generally your hair is much drier on your ends than at the roots. I concentrate on the ends of my hair as it had been damaged the most as a result of blow drying and colouring. By apply the cream directly to my ends it has helped reduce static and dryness. Over time, as your hair becomes healthier it can also be used less frequently. I started using the cream after every wash in combination with the mist for two weeks, now I only need to use it every second wash to achieve the same results.

Overall, I would recommend using both the Aqua Energy Mist and End Cure Milk together for best results, if your hair is more damaged like mine.
Depending on your needs the two can be used individually. If you are only looking to add a bit more shine to your hair then the Aqua Energy Mist is enough, however, if you want to moisturise your hair a little bit more or to prevent split ends then I would recommended either to use the end cure milk or the two together.