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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Prorance Auto Shining Pencil Swatch

Prorance Cosmetics is a Korean brand found in March 2000, that aims to fuse functionality with style. It’s developed nearly 700 products and by 2006 began exporting its products to about 20 Nations worldwide.

Official Site: http://www.prorance.co.kr

I’ve never seen this brand before prior to this eyeliner, nor have I tried its other products. So I’m not sure if it’s popular or good in Korean. It does look quite interesting with its simplistic packaging. Here’s a swatch of their Auto Shining Pencil in White. I’ve only swatched the Eyeliner end because the colours are the same on both side for this one. Overall it was ok for the low end price, quite pigmented but a little hard to blend and quite easy to remove.

Details of Prorance Auto Shining Pencil from their website. The actually product amount's 3mm x 25mm x2(ends) in size and comes in 7 colours.
Prorance -Auto Shining Pencil
Prorance Auto Shining Pencil 01 WhiteProrance Auto Shining Pencil 01 White Tip Swatch

Has anyone tried this brand or know more about it?