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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Another Haul + Oct giveaways

Another haul over the past weeks or so =D. Nothing too expensive, a bit about it: I bought my first skinfood product! It's Skinfood's honey & royal jelly firming eye cream, I hope it's good but I really like the packaging already. haha
The Shiseido Men's product is the Anti-shine refresher matifying gel, according to the Sales assistant it's the same using this one even though it says it's for men. lol
The Cyber colours toner's my sister's but she's letting me use it too for my reviews xD, and a Sukin cream cleanser which Ning asked me about this brand. It sounds really interesting because it's all organic and paraben free, made in Australia and not tested on animals. Apparently it removes makeup as well according to the bottle descriptions.

And a new pair of slippers to replace my old ripping silver ones. =P yay!!
Oki shoes
Now for some Giveaways ending in Oct:

First blog giveaway at http://www.shanghainesedumpling.com, she's included her loved Vitacreme B12 cream for the 1st prize. This is an International competition open to everyone, there's going to be 3 winners. Giveaway closes on the 10th of October 2009 (24:00 Australian Perth Time), the Winner will be drawn on the 15th of October.
Detail here:

Diane's (http://orange2la.blogspot.com) first Thank you giveaway is here.

Giveaway ends Friday October 2nd, at 11:59pm (Pacific Time) There's going to be 2 prizes, the 1st winner can choose which set she wants and the 2nd place winner will take the other package. The prizes look really cool =D

Details here:

Tammi's 50+ Followers Giveaway Contest!

Contest ends on 10/13/09 @ 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Time) and there will be 2 winners. Tammi's posted up a great video about her contest for you to watch. The top entries will be chosen by Tammi and then put into a randomizer online for the 2 winners, the first winner gets to pick the package they want. The winner's will be announced on 15 Oct.

Watch the youtube video and details here:

Another first blog giveaway from MercuryLady, http://missmercurylady.blogspot.com which is opened to anyone anywhere. The winners will be selected using random.org and this contest ends on October 13!

Details here:


  1. Hey..how r u..?? lot of giveaway information..:)
    n those slippers are lovely..
    n i had to laugh, when SA told u tat its same for men's skin care as well..i feel that lot of products out there are just the same and simply goes in to marketing strategies..

  2. hi zwala!
    i've been not too good, just a little busy so havn't been able to do as many reviews =P
    I totally agree! a lot of the men's skincare products seem to be the same as women's besides the smell and price. I seriously don't think it's a big deal for men to use women's skincare and vice versa, as long as it's giving them good results. lol

  3. hey girl~ nice haul!! retail therapy is always fun! anyways thanks so much for the heads up on the new giveaways!

  4. oh, cant wait for your review then... how bout sukin price in Australia??

  5. @ning,
    the price was ok, about $10AUD for 125mL so that's like $30Myr.