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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Review: JURLIQUE Lavender Silk Dust

JURLIQUE Lavender Silk Dust 8g 0.3wt.oz
An exquisite silky translucent powder, with a subtle Lavender fragrance, that absorbs oil and perspiration to give your face and body a luxurious matte finish.
Directions: Apply lightly to face and neck area with fingers or brush

(info below taken from: http://multifacetedcosmetics.com/2008/02/10/jurlique-lavender-silk-dust/)
The oil controlling face powder in this Australian beauty line is pale and white enough to scare off any person with tanned to brown skin. But – surprise! – the powder is translucent if used with a light hand. It keeps the face shine free amazingly well.
According to cosmetic lore, the rose version is best for dry skins and the lavender one works best on combo to oily skins. Be careful, though, corn starch and silica can clog pores on some skins. This caused blackheads to develop on my face when I used it. Try before you buy.

Ingredients: Corn Starch, Rice Starch, Silica, Lavender Oil; Herbal Extract Mixture from Calendula, Arnica, Witch Hazel, Daisy, Sage, Rosemary; Orris; Lauroyl Lysine, Rose oil.


I have combination skin and this is one of my favourite products; it’s a powder that controls the oily sheen on your face giving it a matt finish. The powder is very fine with a beautiful light lavender scent and goes on translucent.
The packaged in a white glass jar with a plastic lid; the container is pretty heavy. Not the most convenient to take out. You do need to reapply once if you’ve been out all day and especially in summer.

So what I do is I use a powder brush to apply. Picking up a small amount with the brush, blending it on the lid so there is an evenly around of powder spread out on the brush. Make sure you tap off the excess to avoid getting any powder over your clothes. Like all loose powders it does get everywhere if you’re not careful. Then brush it on my face. I have tried using it with my fingers however I found it harder to control the amount on my face. Often getting too much on certain areas and none on others, also it gets very messy. Your skin does appear noticeably whiter if you apply too much until it sets in. Also if you use this after mascara, avoid getting it on your lashes because it will leave yours lashes appear a dusty grey.

It really does control the oil, I’ve noticed my face stays matt longer without needing to blot or touch up even in summer. I love how light it is and absolutely feel like you have nothing on. I usually use this over sunscreen/BB Cream/anything that leaves my skin looking shiny or foundation before blush. I apply slightly more to the T-zone area where it usually gets really shiny. I have not experienced it clogging my pores, break outs or more blackheads from using this. (Although according to the site where I got the ingredients from. I may clog pores etc ~see above~ So yes do try it out first if you're concerned.) I don’t suggest your sniffing the powder though =P or any type of loose powders... lol

This is definitely one of my HG. It also comes in a Rose Silk Dust for dry skin. I have not tried Jurlique’s range of silk finishing powders yet so can’t make a comparison between the two. The Silk Finishing Powders comes in: Citrus, Rose and Lavender.

editted: fixed the spelling and grammar errors I noticed. lol =P


  1. hi, i like your fish bowl, hehehehe

  2. i've always meant to start trying Jurlique’s range, maybe now is the time! :)

  3. I have been very interested in trying this. I might have to once my MUFE HD powder & La Mer run out. I'm sad that the rose if for dry skin. I love anything scented like roses. Sounds like I would be better suited for the lavender. Thanks for the helpful review!!

  4. that sounds interesting..lavender aroma ..
    but i doubt..its got silica..is that gud for skin..??iv heard silicons blocks the pores..??

  5. sounds like a great powder. the description of it was kinda funny XD

  6. @zwala,
    silica's not the best thing for skin and I've read crystalline silica is hazardous from inhaling. =/ Which is why I don't suggest purposely sniffing any type of powder products.
    This Jurlique item in particular, I could smell the fragrance from just opening and using it.

    I don't know how much or what type/property is used in this product. I'm not at all a specialist in these area so I can't say for sure if it will or not. From personal experience I have not noticed it blocking my pores. It may depend on the person's skin because silica is used in all sorts of cosmetics products other than loose powders like makeup base, foundation, eye shadows, face toners, moisturizers and even lip glosses.

    lol xD I have to own up, it was a product description from a online shop selling it.

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