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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Missha: The Style Dual Eye Tip Swatches

I swatched all of The Style Dual Eye Tip that were available at Missha the other day. There was actually a very good range in the shop a total of 8 colours.
(if the website is listed according to recent releases first then the newest releases are GR, GL and CR, followed by WH, PK, then VL , BL , BE.)

(image and info from http://www.missha.com.au, photoshopped by mint)
- 0.5g * 25 ml
- Eye shadow & Eye liner in one.
- Apply base color with tip part and create defined line with eye liner on the other end.
- Multi eye makeup item for quick makeup.
- Clings to the skin and creates glistening eye makeup with shimmering pearl.

Caution on packaging: For external use only. Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes.
Against Animal Testing.

Packaging: Approximately 13.5cm in length, with a turn cap for the shadow (sponge tip) and the usually pull cap for the eyeliner (Automatic Eyeliner type). Plastic in recyclable 7.

Sorry about the awful photo, it was a cloudy that day and it got too dim without flash and the colours were washed out with flash on. =( I’ve swatched the Shadow end on the left and liner on the right.
  • GR01: Pale green shimmery shadow, Moss green liner

  • GL01: Yellow-Gold shimmery shadow, Dark brown liner

  • PK01: Pastel pale pink shimmery shadow, Darker pastel pink liner

  • BL01: Pastel blue shimmery shadow, Baby blue liner

  • VL01: Suppose to be purple/violet although the colours looks much more like a hot pink shimmery shadow, Reddish pink liner.

  • WH01: Shimmery white shadow and liner.

  • BE01: Shimmery beige shadow, Light brown liner.

  • CR01: Orangey red shimmery shadow, Med brown liner.

After 1 hour, the paler colours started to fade the glittery particulars going all over the back of my hand. GR, GL, CR stands out the most.

Removal: All the shadows washes off easily with tap water, PK01, BL01, VL01, WH01 liners also wash with off normal water. GR01, GL01, BE01, CR01 stays on longer although faded, washes off with normal hand soap.

My personal favourite colours: GL01 and BE01.


  1. ooh..i was thinking of getting the white one. to make my eyes PoP! haha..but seems from your review, the colour fade out easily...hmm..hv second thoughts now..
    thanks for doing this review..^^