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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Love Package

My package from the lovely NingStar (http://nlng-beautyworld.blogspot.com) finally arrived early this week. Took just under a week for it to get mailed so that’s pretty fast. Although it felt really long for me after I was told it got mailed xD lol, I was so excited. It’s the first giveaway I’ve ever won, she’s so sweet she’s also thrown in some extra goodies, face/eye mask, some yummy lollies and a love note <3 The necklaces were beautiful, I kept one and gave the one to my sister =3. I’m surprised the customs didn’t open this package for quarantine like they did with my last one.

I’m so happy with the mask, I don’t usually buy sheet mask for myself because I move around too much when I have them on. LOL Normally I go for ones in tubs and tubes and being lazy me I don’t use them too often =P (mostly in summer when my face starts feeling sweaty and hot Dx) so I’m really looking forward to trying these ones out. There’s a Beauty Diaries Q10 Rejuvenating Mask, Intensive Rice-Peptides Mask and 2 eye brightening mask from YiSiXue. My eye area’s so under nourished so they’re gonna be great!

NingStar’s got a great review on her huge collection of Beauty Diaries Masks that’s really worth checking out on her blog.

Am over the moon ^0^


  1. aww... dear... I'm glad to have meet u <3 <3

  2. Wow, what an AWESOME love package~! Lucky!! Those necklaces are really cute, I'm jealous of you right now, haha :D

  3. awww i love love packages! :) those necklaces are gorgeous!