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Sunday, July 19, 2009


I stopped by The Body Shop the other day and picked up this card, the attendants write down what they used on your face when they do a makeover on you I think. But what I really wanted was the section about makeup brushes.

I mean for me, someone who's still very new to makeup. I read a lot of about from magazines, online and recently from these beauty blogs but still lack actual experience applying it on my face. hehe
I found this is helpful. So posting a picture of it here.
Their brushes were quite good quality, very soft full bristles. =)

*Click to enlarge. please excuse all my shocking pictures, old camera =/ *

My internet's being a pain too. very low u.u makes it so hard to read blogs and post. I'll post my mini haul tomorrow. getting late Dx.


  1. Aww the brushes look pretty good to me!♥
    Thx for entering my giveaway!^^

  2. hmmm I still think I prefer MAC brushes and I think Nars have some good ones... never tried body shop...
    thanks for sharing!