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Sunday, July 19, 2009

BeautyBlogSaleDirectory + Current Giveaways

Just spreading the words... lol

J Rose has started a new Beauty Blog Sale Directory after the original went offline for some reason... it's a really beautiful blog.
It's constantly being updated about the blog sales that's been going on =D so that's really good and a great way to find some great stuff from our beauty blogging community. =3 Not to mention the posts on where there's discounts or promos from some major brands.

I think it's pretty cool ^^ link's here and also at the side panel. http://beautyblog-saledirectory.blogspot.com/

Ok, current giveaways from fellow bloggers:

Amanda http://amandassunshine.blogspot.com/ is holding a giveaway with some gorgeous prizes xD. It ends on Monday 3rd August(11:59pm EST) with 1 winner randomly chosen.

Prizes include:
- 4 magazines Lucky, Cosmo, Self, Martha Stewart Living
- Crabtree & Evelyn Pedicure set
- Essie nail Polish in Atlantis Pearl
- Maybelline Lash Stiletto in Very Black
- Aveeno baby Sunblock Spf 55
- Nivea Soft Creme
- Bath & Body Works Shower gel in japanese cherry blossom
- Bath & Body Works PocketBac in Cucumber melon
- To Do List notepad
- Cover Girl Lipslicks Clear
- Aerie Shimmer body mist
- NYC Liquid lip shine
- NYC Liquid eyeliner
- Sephora body wash

here's the link to the giveaway page:


There's also another giveaway hosted by Parisky @ http://xoxo-parisky.blogspot.com/
There will be 2 winners!
Giveaway ends 19th Aug (16:00 pm Slovenia time (GMT +2))

1st Prize:
- Essence nail care bag
- Essence multi dimension 3 in 1 polish (42) Dress to party
- Vollare flash 13 (pink)
- Volare flash 326 (violet)
- Essence Party lipgloss set
- Hello Kitty small notebook mobile phone charm (in the plastic ball)
- Handmade starfish necklace
- (Handmade by Parisky) yellow bunny
- (Handmade by Parisky) piece of cake keychan

2nd Prize:
- Accessories pink flowers earrings
- Vollare flash 59 (coral pink)
- Vollare flash 280 (vivid pink)
- Wooden turtle keylock
- Disney Winnie Pooh mobile phone charm (in the plastic ball) - he's dressed in a dog
- (Handmade by Parisky) apple with a worm keychain

Check it out =D

*editing posts after publishing it again xP*
Just found out another giveaway *from the chatbox o.o Go my trusty textbox!*

To celebrate Purele Jewelry's Grand Opening, Purele (http://purelejewelry.blogspot.com/) is holding a giveaway.
Ends on 15th August 15th, at midnight.
The winner is randomly selected and will be announced on 16th August and contacted via email.

The Prize:
- Swarovski Heart Pendant Necklace (Colour of your choice)
- A Pair of man-made diamond Earrings (Colour of your choice)
- Black and White Hair Clip

see her post for the other images and further details.


Another opening celebration
The owner of www.pinkcoastdesigns.com also wants to celebrate the opening of the blog http://pinkcoastdesigns.blogspot.com with a giveaway, There's going to be 1 winner. Giveaway End August 22nd.

"Morning Glory" Necklace

This one's my favourite piece so far from pinkcoastdesigns. It's called Lucky Finds. pretty cute x3

random blabbing sidenote:
xD I dunno if you guys heard of it where you are. but there's a chain shop called Morning Glory here in Sydney. Originally from Korea. they sell really cute stuff like stationary to bags, plushs, car accessories, jewellery, stickers, nail polish, other accessories and too many other things to name. just gah alot of different things and really cute x3


  1. I personally never get those swarovski crystal jewelry (I was a huge fan of those shiny things when I was 12...but anyway...)

    I could literally take a 20 minutes bus trip (free with our student ID) and get to a craft store and buy all the stuff for less than 5 bucks, not to mention it only takes 5 minutes max to put them all together...

    Anyway, I like those little stuff from morning glory, I have a few stickers I use for camera or calculators. they are not really that good compared to the stuff in Asian stationary store, but far better than anything you find in Walmart or places like that.

  2. @citrine,
    i totally understand where you're coming from =3 i guess it's really up to the others to decide what they think.
    I have a few Swarvoski stuff my mum bought as a gift from Swarvoski. looks really nice x3 but i agree some of them are quite flashy. even more flashy than the ones you're talking about. lol

    that is so strange, because i actually find some of the things in morning glory here to be alright quality. like i have a few of their photo albums and bags. maybe it's cos I haven't seen many Asian stationary store, but the bags lasted forever. their pens arent all that great.. yea...