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Monday, July 20, 2009

The Aroma Festival + Mini Haul

I was at the Aroma Festival yesterday, a lot of people! It was at The Rocks, there was just stands after stands of coffee types and tea, snacks xD. Although long lines in a lot of peoples which kind of put me off waiting for food, etc. It was pretty good, although I must say I was slightly disappointed at how at commercial it appeared. Overall it was pretty cool =3, didn't end up buying anything though...

What it's about, Click to enlarge:

Anyway, I stopped by Missha on the way back. Those of you who read my review on Clinique’s Clarifying Lotion 2 would know I’m out of toners. So I took this chance to try out another one. I’ve always been quite interested in their products. Maybe it’s the beautiful packaging ^0^ although I remember using their Deep Sea Water range, a pore tightening serum. I thought it was ok.
- The Style Dual Eye Tip BE01
- SUPER AQUA Anti-Trouble Formula Control Toner
- SUPER AQUA Hydrating Toner (Sample)
- SUPER AQUA Hydrating Emulsion (Sample)
- M Perfect Cover BB Cream No.23 (SPF 42 PA+++) (Sample)

I really wasn’t sure which one was more suitable for me since all their labels sounded very similar. So I had to ask the attendant that was there. I was looking at these three types,
- SUPER AQUA Anti-Trouble Formula Control Toner
- SUPER AQUA Pore Clarifying Toner
- SUPER AQUA Hydrating Toner (For Normal to Dry Skin)
I told her I wanted something hydrating which she then said Hydrating Toner would be the one. It'll lock in the moisture and to use it before moisturizer. Lol, although she then said she would see my skin’s a bit red and asked what kind of skin type I was and if I was sensitive, I told her yea said it was combination. So she started saying she would recommend the Control toner because that one is fragrance free and alcohol free. Hydrating Toner on the other hand does have a small amount of alcohol and fragrance to it. So it’ll be more suitable for my skin type. So yea I went with what she recommended, also picked up Missha’s dual eye tip, which is an eyeliner and shadow in beige 01. I was really pleased when she popped in the SUPER AQUA hydrating toner and hydrating emulsion samples for me to try. Also a packet of M Perfect Cover BB Cream. Score always wanted to try them out!

The AU missha websites says there’s an M Perfect Cover BB Cream No.21 (SPF 42 PA+++). Maybe the shade difference... I hope the sample packet she gave me matches my skin tone.


  1. i was quite amused with the fishie bowl hehe
    i'd probably be the same as you if i went to a coffee/tea festival..not buy anything haha, unless it was that good. too bad toronto doesn't have one! not that i know of at least

  2. HAHAHA at MiuMiu's comments & being amused with fishie bowl!! :D I'm not the only one, ahaha

    & yay! for free samples! ^__^