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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Samples to try? + MC's Bday Contest, more giveaway

I was going through my box full of skincare stuff and I found these samples from TheFaceShop and L’Occitane I’ve had for awhile... must’ve got them mid/late last year or so >.< there isnt a expiry date on them o.o’’ do you think i should still try them?


MC at Eyezaddiction is holding a contest to celebrate her birthday! so nice of her~
what you need to do is: You must be a follower, blog about this giveaway with a link to the page. Then leave her a comment saying "Happy Birthday" with the link of your post.
And its open to international followers too :) it ends on the 4th July, Midnight Eastern time.

so a big Happy Birthday to her =)

here's a link to her blog below for more details ^^


Ji is also holding a giveaway ends on Sunday 12th July. check it out at http://deep-winter-sleep.blogspot.com/ She's looking gorgeous in that photo. lol
the prizes are:
Essence nail art stamping set
Basic shimmer dust pigment
Cute little lipgloss


And another give at its unbeweavable! wow so many recently.
She's got a beautiful Limited Edition Sephora Palette and a bottle of Moroccan Hair Oil as prizes for two lucky winners.
This giveaway ends on the 6th July midnight PST.

So many so generous beauty bloggers! ^^ Everyone's so loving it's great


  1. Good luck on your giveaways...

    I just realized that a reason I don't like joining contest is that I think their pictures are not pretty enough to put in blog...(I am just a jerk...) Plus I am too lazy to actually hit the follow bottom...

  2. Haha well I hope my picture are pretty enough :)

    Thanks for blogging about this honey! XOXO

  3. @Citrine, i love your honesty xDD
    i dont mind it so much when i have spare time. i like following though =P lets me know what's happening with tip and makeup around the world. not possible for me to find out all on my own xD

  4. hi mint! Thanx for joining my contest and for following! Good Luck! :)