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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Review: KOJI No.71 Eyelash Curler

At the moment i’ve been using the KOJI No.71 eyelash curler. Originally I was going to get Shu Uemura’s because I’ve heard great things about it, but in the end my decision was mainly because of the price difference. While both eyelash curlers come with 1 extra silicone refill pad, Shu Uemura’s eyelash curler would’ve cost around $20, KOJI No.71 on the other hand was about $8-9. Besides this Shu Uemura uses a silicone curved pad and that does not have replacement pads sold separately. It says it’s especially shaped to fit both deep set and Asian eyes, but the shape is very fragile and the padding is supposed to replace after three months (I think that’s daily use). So the entire life of the curler is 6 months. Some ways to help protect shape of the curler and prolong it’s uses is to keep it in the box; and wipe down the curler pad after each use. I think that should apply to all eyelash curlers and avoid dropping them. So maybe I’ll test out Shu Uemura’s when I have sparer budget on my hands. =P Please excuse me if I’m not using the right terms to describe the parts.

This is the old eyelash curler I use to use:

I don’t remember where I bought it and which brand but it’s a cheapie. I haven’t experienced any lash breakage because first of all it doesn’t get all my lashes and second I don’t press very hard. It’s lighter in weight, approximately 11cm in height and feels slightly flimsy. The padding is thinner with a flat top. On the part where it sits on the eyelid, the curve is straight with a sudden bend like the shape of right half of letter Y, the edge pointing up.
The real problem I had with this curler was the face did not fit my face. The concavity of curler did not fit my eye shape, my eyes and cheeks are very flat, but this eyelash curler had a deeper curve. Another problem the hinge stuck out too much which prevented the curler from sitting flat on my face; or reaching to the base of my lashes.


I did some research and found Shiseido, Shu Uemura and KOJI’s eyelash curlers to be quite popular amongst those who wanted a flatter curve. Koji No.71 eyelash curler I bought online, surprising cost less than the old one. It’s slightly heavier, approximately 9cm in height and feels sturdy. The shortened height I felt gave me more control. The padding was a bit taller, like Shu Uemura it has with a mushroom shape top. The eyelid resting piece has a gentle curve out, very similar to the one before but the edge points out. The curve was flatter, the shape was much closer, even though it wasn’t a perfect fit but it was more comfortable to use. The hinge is also smaller and I haven't experienced any pinching at my eyelids. No broken lashes or making my lashes look like right-angle.
I’m pretty happy with this KOJI one. Not bad, it’s quite comfortable to use and very affordable. I have very heavy lids which pushes my lashes down and this curler really lifts my lashes. Another thing is that I try not to use my curlers after mascara unless I'm desperate like my mascara doesn’t curve and looks straight. Mainly because I find it’s easier to crimp your lashes into an L if you press too hard and I don’t like getting my curler dirty from the mascara that gets stripped off.
One of the things I found frustrating was the number of eyelash curlers KOJI has released but in most places, the description is vague. The information below I’ve taken from https://www.webichi.com, all of the KOJI Eyelash curlers listed below comes with a replacement silicon pad. I’m guessing that’s the description on the packaging. Hope it’s somewhat helpful =P

  • KOJI No.70 Eyelash Curler Standard Curve: The standard type of Koji Eyelash Curler series. The top band with 33mm in width and 18mm radius fits most people's eyelids.

  • KOJI No.71 Eyelash Curler Short Handles: A short handled curler is a portable type of Koji Eyelash Curler series. The top band is 33mm in width and 18mm radius fits most people's eyelids.

  • KOJI No.72 Eyelash Curler Foldable Handles: A foldable handle curler is the most portable type of Koji Eyelash Curler series. Perfect to carry in a small cosmetic bag. The top band is 33mm in width and 18mm radius fits most people's eyelids.

  • KOJI No.73 Eyelash Curler Wide Curve: Is made wider than the standard curve curler to cover from the corners of eyelashes at one application. The top band is 34mm in width.

  • KOJI No.74 Eyelash Curler Wide Curve w/ Short Handles: Is made wider than the standard curve curler to cover from the corners of eyelashes at one application. Short Handles, the top band is 34mm in width.

  • KOJI No.100 Eyelash Accent Curler: Suitable to curl hard-to-reach lower eyelashes and corners of eyelashes. It is compact and portable. It is a anti-metal allergy clear coated body.

  • KOJI’s MONI Eyelash Curler Regular Curve: Features an extra sturdy construction, smooth opening and closing action. Rounded curler pad creates intense curl. The regular curve type is 33mm in width and 18mm radius top band which fits most people's eyelids. The double handles is developed for more stable hold. The antibacterial clear coated body against a metal allergy cares for delicate skins.

  • KOJI’s MONI Eyelash Curler Soft Curve: featuring extra sturdy construction, smooth opening and closing action. Rounded curler pad creates intense curl. The soft curve type is 33mm in width and 22mm radius top band which is suitable for flat eyelids. The double handles is developed for more stable hold. The antibacterial clear coated body against a metal allergy cares for delicate skins.

Updated to include "KOJI No.74 Eyelash Curler", info taken from sasa.com.
Here’s some images on the Shu Uemura and Shiseido so you can compare what they look like. Click image to enlarge.
Shu Uemura:


Disclaimer: These Shu Uemura and Shiseido images have been photoshopped, they have been taken from:


  1. Good review! Koji No 71 works just as well as Shu for me. It's the best curler from their range that I've tried so far.

  2. thanks fuz xD
    really =o shu's one is just wayy too pricey =/ i rather spend my money other beauty products. lol i'm glad i bought this koji one since even you recommend it <3

  3. ooo thanks for the review, and the descriptions you found for diff types of koji curlers, i've always been curious as to which number is better for me, that really helped! thanks sweetie :)

  4. Wow Great review!!! The No 71 looks almost flat to me, must be great for asian eyes lol I have the Shu One too and its good, but not good enough for its price =P

  5. lovely review and lovely blog too <3

  6. great review!! :) i've got a Shiseido which was only like USD$8, bought from hong kong (online)

  7. I've never used one amazingly enough. I have pretty curled up eyelashes already. Is it still worth it?

  8. @tina, wow that's pretty cheap =3!! great buy!
    i'm probably making it confusing cos i was talking in AUD. lol sorry =P, i bought the koji one for $6.5USD online. well i'll start posting any prices in USD from now on. that sounds like the way to go xD

    If you already have perfect curled lashes xD that's really lucky!!! i guess it really depends on whether you think you need one. does it curl up with mascara on? and which direction is it pointing? Is it curled and pointing up or slightly straight?
    Because an eyelash curler will help lift your lashes up so it'll frame your eyes, and appear longer. If it doesn't make a difference using it or not, then save your money on something else you need =3
    A good eyelash curler always comes in handy though x3 like if you want to play with fake lashes. lol

  9. Thanks for the explanation for the Koji curlers. I always wondered why there were so many numbers and what the difference was!

  10. very good review!

    I swear by the Shu Uemura!

  11. This is a great review. This is the first time I heard of Eyelash curler made by Koji ... I am a big fan of Shu Uemura since 1990.... only problem that I noticed is my lashes becoming shorther ... its probably bcos I have used the curler more than 6 months (lashes being cut off by the curler)!! In spite of this during my last trip to HKG I still bought my year stock of Shu Uemura curlers.

    Will surely try out Koji 71.

  12. I spent $6.50 and then shipping (a total of $10 or $11) on it... and I am SO happy. I didn't want the Shu Uemura because of the inability to by replacement pads for Shu. And with my old curlers, I wanted to beat the crud out of someone because the skin on the corners of my lids would always get pinched.

    Not with Koji! This is perfect for my eyes! I'm Caucasian, but other curlers just never worked with me without much pain, so it's great to find reviews like this, which caused me to take the plunge to buy this one! It was a GREAT choice. Thanks!

  13. hi, sorrry, is the n°100 for the lower lashes oO

    I am caucasian= french, which one woul be good for my eye shape please?
    I have the Shu Uemura one but but it, the corners of my lashes are weird, the curve is not natural and begins in the middle of the lashes (only the lashes on the corner :=(
    Please help me!!