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Friday, June 19, 2009

package from a wonderful friend <3

so last night my brother brought home a small package for me. i was pretty surprised, xD didnt believe it'll arrive so quickly! maybe because i've still got the mindset that snail mail = SLOW and it's gonna take a week+ for anything to get mailed overseas. ^0^ LOL. but nope, it got here!
that's what he got me up there, see pic. well... i shamelessly asked for the MJ Lash expander frame plus (but i gave him chances to say no throughout the night before i named it =P OHOHOHO xD but he bought me 2 <3 !!), mainly cos i couldn't get my hands on it Dx and yea.

and 3 Pinky St keyrings. yayyy!! i love pinky st stuff but my budget doesn't really allow me to but them which is a shame u.u they aint cheap here, well no models are >.> to me i dont think it's worth what they sell it for cos some of them are really bad in quality. actually i was surprised he remember since i only talked about it like once last year or so~ many months ago. *cough* harassed him about how cool it was. >=D
unfortunately two of the keyrings got damaged in the post, one of the arm's slightly loose and the other one looks like someone's re-glued the head on and did a really bad job of it. it's not really noticable... *inspects* =/ and the quarantine people opened my package for inspection...

anyway, later i'll do a review on clinique's high definition lashes mascara with the lash expander. thanks for reading~

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