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Friday, June 19, 2009

The Beauty Election + Pinkfish Pie's contest

My sister picked this up this small booklet for me at MYER, Sydney branch today and i'm sharing it with everyone, i havent got my scanner connected but thankfully there's a online version ^^:
The Beauty Election (view online version) from Mecca Cosmetica, VOGUE Australia. Very interesting! it's a compilation of the most loved, effective, best of the best beauty bits and pieces x3
now i havent read everything in detail yet. tired from a long day. lol

next thing in wanna say is Pinkfish Pie's holding a contest! it's ending on the 22nd June at MIDNIGHT GMT + 0.00
click here and check it out =D and i'm kinda late on finding out about it u.u *sighs*

i've entered too xD cos she's giving out some awesome prizes:
* 2 shades of Barbara Daly for Tesco Concealers
* A Sleek-i-Divine Palette Original
* A mini BAD Gal lash by Benefit

its so cool x3 she has a cute blog too! love the bird with the cupcake on the top banner. hehe

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  1. thanx for sharing & gud luck, hope u win :)