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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

BB Cream Review: MISSHA M Vita and Dr.G Hydra Intensive

Hi all~ this is my first review, i hope it’ll be helpful =P. I’ll be comparing MISSHA M Vita BB Cream with Dr.G Hydra Intensive BB cream. I'm pretty camera shy so i wont be doing any swatches on my face Dx i know it's not as good but sorry...
First, MISSHA M Vita BB Cream SPF20 (50ml), It says it “contains 7 essential vitamin complexes derived from natural ingredients, and helps to improve the skin. Multi-function and convenient to use to moisturise, protect, correct skin tone and block harmful UV.”

It only comes in one shade, looks like a creamy dark beige, compared to DrG’s it’s more watery like a lotion. It blends and absorbs very quickly but the coverage is very low, it does not cover any blemishes or freckles. It does slightly even out the skin tone and gives it a light shine. It looks soft and smooth to touch, overall i find my skin looks more healthy with it on. The packaging is nice and sleek and you don’t feel it on your face after it sets in. On the down side it’s quite oily, i have oily skin on my t-zone area but i find this bb cream itself makes my whole face shine and requires blotting within 3 hours. it tends to dry out the skin around my blemishes, slightly better when i use a very hydrating lotion underneath other than my regular moisturiser. also the smell isn’t that pleasant although fade after a while.

Dr.G Hydra Intensive BB cream, this one says “Inner and Outer Care System using Hydrophilic and Lipophilic moisturization ingredients.
Again this one only comes in one shade, it’s a thicker cream and a darker beige compared to missha’s. Spreads quiet well too although it needs a little bit more blending. It doesn’t complete cover freckles but does make it less apparent, its gives a matt finish and has a pleasant smell. It’s has a slight velvet touch and less oily, i found less oil on the blotting paper.

I’ve tested a dot of both BB creams on a piece of blotting paper. Dr G produced less oil on the blotting paper. The spread was wider and even but did not go through the blotting paper. Missha on the other hand produced more oil, the spread was more concentrated and narrow, going through to the other side of the paper.
this picture isn’t very good, the dark mark's eyeshadow i used to test the coverage. i actually liked the missha bb cream more in terms of the look on my skin. I found it more brightening and made me look more awake. Unfortunately it makes my face really oily =/, DrG’s one is good. Slightly better coverage than missha’s and probably due to the hydrating factor my skin was less oily, but maybe because the colour isn’t a true match to my skin tone, y skin appears dull.

Overall, i’m not happy with neither one of them, one way or another so i’ve decided to try a different one later.


  1. Very great first review!! :D I wonder what you'll try next!

  2. great review! check out this other bb cream on my blog :] http://ohwowsorandom.blogspot.com/2009/07/beauty-product-review-shills-perfect.html#comments

  3. nice bb cream review thanks!

    check out this other bb cream on my blog :] http://ohwowsorandom.blogspot.com/2009/07/beauty-product-review-shills-perfect.html#comments

  4. I just got my Missha M vita BB cream. I am not pale nor dark but rather light fair anyways...I have skin79 bb cream in the pink bottle it's lighter in color but for some reason Missha M Vita is too light for me...which I don't understand...anyways how can I make it so that it's not whitish looking on my skin? Do you mix bb creams or foundation or like maybe something else? It dries too quickly and hard to blend maybe that has to do with it making look weird....

  5. @Anonymous,
    yea you can't based the colour of the BB cream just from looking at the cream itself because some like Missha's M vita, the cream becomes lighter and sheerer when blended onto skin. It mainly to evens out the skin tone and help reduce the redness. I wouldn't suggest you mixing other BB cream into it, maybe you can dry using a bit bronzer to darken your skin or use it under foundation like a base.
    goodluck with it.

  6. thanks for the info. I put on it once and didn't leave it on for long to see if it would blend into my skin tone. I'll try again and see. I hope it works this time.