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Monday, June 29, 2009

Review: Bioré Warming Anti-blackhead Cream Cleanser

Description on the back of the cleanser:
Description: Fire away at blackheads! Bioré® Warming anti-blackhead cream cleanser instantly heats up on contact with water to help open up and intensively cleanse pores. The thermal formula with salicylic acid targets pore clogging dirt and oil for a deep clean like never before, leaving skin radiant and fresh.
  • Dermatologically tested

  • Hypo-allergenic

  • Non pore clogging

  • Gentle enough for daily use
Direction: Wet face. Dry hands and squeeze product into palm, massage over entire face and rinse thoroughly. Store at room temperature.

CAUTIONS: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact does occur, rinse thoroughly with water. Using topical acne medications at the same time or after use of the product may increase dryness or irritation of the skin. If this occurs, this product should not be used unless directed by a doctor. Keep out of reach of children.

Ingredients: Zeolite, Peg-8, Butylene Glycol, Ethoxydiglycol, Cellulose, Salicylic acid, Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate, Polyethylene, Cetearyl Alcohol, Ceteth-20 Phosphate, Dicetyl phosphate, Cetyl Dimethicone, Hydroxypropylcellulose, BHT, Fragrance, Blue 1 Lake, Yellow 10 Lake.

The photo above is the old packaging version. I stopped using it for awhile and forgot about it... the new packaging one has exactly the same ingredients and size (177g). But it seems it’s changed the description and added the frequency to “use product morning and night”.

The cleanser comes in a tube with 6.25OZ (177g) and is oil-free. The cleanser itself is a translucent, white gooey cream, more similar to a lotion consistency with green and white scrubbing particulars (Irregularly shaped); it feels sticky on dry skin but smooth once wet. I thought I’ll try this out because of the thermal part, which makes sense because heat will open up the pores so it’ll be easier to clean out any dirty or oil that’s trapped inside. Sounds good but no I wouldn’t buy it again.

Why? It’s inconvenient, a pain to use.
Your hands must be dry after wetting your face before you handle the cleanser. Otherwise the cleanser heats up on your hands; it’s also quite sticky making it hard to spread the cleanser on dry hands before you can massage it on your face. Your face also needs to be thoroughly wet to activate the heat and so it’ll spread smoothly. Once the cleanser is on your face, I found the heat cools pretty quickly depending on the amount of cleanser on the area. You need a good amount to keep the heat going.

It smells fresh but, the particulars were harsh on my skin and I’m massaging like I’m spreading lotion on the top of hand. I felt like it was scratching my face and I wasn’t using a lot. When I focused on my t-zone area, my skin became red if I lingered too long. My skin did felt clean and smooth afterwards, but I did not notice any difference with my blackheads.

My skin may be too sensitive for this cleanser; it felt very harsh just exfoliating. Which is pretty much all it did for me. I’ve swapped to use other exfoliating washes now and then and none of them hurt like this one. I did not see any effects to the blackheads, not recommended for sensitive skin.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Samples to try? + MC's Bday Contest, more giveaway

I was going through my box full of skincare stuff and I found these samples from TheFaceShop and L’Occitane I’ve had for awhile... must’ve got them mid/late last year or so >.< there isnt a expiry date on them o.o’’ do you think i should still try them?


MC at Eyezaddiction is holding a contest to celebrate her birthday! so nice of her~
what you need to do is: You must be a follower, blog about this giveaway with a link to the page. Then leave her a comment saying "Happy Birthday" with the link of your post.
And its open to international followers too :) it ends on the 4th July, Midnight Eastern time.

so a big Happy Birthday to her =)

here's a link to her blog below for more details ^^


Ji is also holding a giveaway ends on Sunday 12th July. check it out at http://deep-winter-sleep.blogspot.com/ She's looking gorgeous in that photo. lol
the prizes are:
Essence nail art stamping set
Basic shimmer dust pigment
Cute little lipgloss


And another give at its unbeweavable! wow so many recently.
She's got a beautiful Limited Edition Sephora Palette and a bottle of Moroccan Hair Oil as prizes for two lucky winners.
This giveaway ends on the 6th July midnight PST.

So many so generous beauty bloggers! ^^ Everyone's so loving it's great

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Review: KOJI No.71 Eyelash Curler

At the moment i’ve been using the KOJI No.71 eyelash curler. Originally I was going to get Shu Uemura’s because I’ve heard great things about it, but in the end my decision was mainly because of the price difference. While both eyelash curlers come with 1 extra silicone refill pad, Shu Uemura’s eyelash curler would’ve cost around $20, KOJI No.71 on the other hand was about $8-9. Besides this Shu Uemura uses a silicone curved pad and that does not have replacement pads sold separately. It says it’s especially shaped to fit both deep set and Asian eyes, but the shape is very fragile and the padding is supposed to replace after three months (I think that’s daily use). So the entire life of the curler is 6 months. Some ways to help protect shape of the curler and prolong it’s uses is to keep it in the box; and wipe down the curler pad after each use. I think that should apply to all eyelash curlers and avoid dropping them. So maybe I’ll test out Shu Uemura’s when I have sparer budget on my hands. =P Please excuse me if I’m not using the right terms to describe the parts.

This is the old eyelash curler I use to use:

I don’t remember where I bought it and which brand but it’s a cheapie. I haven’t experienced any lash breakage because first of all it doesn’t get all my lashes and second I don’t press very hard. It’s lighter in weight, approximately 11cm in height and feels slightly flimsy. The padding is thinner with a flat top. On the part where it sits on the eyelid, the curve is straight with a sudden bend like the shape of right half of letter Y, the edge pointing up.
The real problem I had with this curler was the face did not fit my face. The concavity of curler did not fit my eye shape, my eyes and cheeks are very flat, but this eyelash curler had a deeper curve. Another problem the hinge stuck out too much which prevented the curler from sitting flat on my face; or reaching to the base of my lashes.


I did some research and found Shiseido, Shu Uemura and KOJI’s eyelash curlers to be quite popular amongst those who wanted a flatter curve. Koji No.71 eyelash curler I bought online, surprising cost less than the old one. It’s slightly heavier, approximately 9cm in height and feels sturdy. The shortened height I felt gave me more control. The padding was a bit taller, like Shu Uemura it has with a mushroom shape top. The eyelid resting piece has a gentle curve out, very similar to the one before but the edge points out. The curve was flatter, the shape was much closer, even though it wasn’t a perfect fit but it was more comfortable to use. The hinge is also smaller and I haven't experienced any pinching at my eyelids. No broken lashes or making my lashes look like right-angle.
I’m pretty happy with this KOJI one. Not bad, it’s quite comfortable to use and very affordable. I have very heavy lids which pushes my lashes down and this curler really lifts my lashes. Another thing is that I try not to use my curlers after mascara unless I'm desperate like my mascara doesn’t curve and looks straight. Mainly because I find it’s easier to crimp your lashes into an L if you press too hard and I don’t like getting my curler dirty from the mascara that gets stripped off.
One of the things I found frustrating was the number of eyelash curlers KOJI has released but in most places, the description is vague. The information below I’ve taken from https://www.webichi.com, all of the KOJI Eyelash curlers listed below comes with a replacement silicon pad. I’m guessing that’s the description on the packaging. Hope it’s somewhat helpful =P

  • KOJI No.70 Eyelash Curler Standard Curve: The standard type of Koji Eyelash Curler series. The top band with 33mm in width and 18mm radius fits most people's eyelids.

  • KOJI No.71 Eyelash Curler Short Handles: A short handled curler is a portable type of Koji Eyelash Curler series. The top band is 33mm in width and 18mm radius fits most people's eyelids.

  • KOJI No.72 Eyelash Curler Foldable Handles: A foldable handle curler is the most portable type of Koji Eyelash Curler series. Perfect to carry in a small cosmetic bag. The top band is 33mm in width and 18mm radius fits most people's eyelids.

  • KOJI No.73 Eyelash Curler Wide Curve: Is made wider than the standard curve curler to cover from the corners of eyelashes at one application. The top band is 34mm in width.

  • KOJI No.74 Eyelash Curler Wide Curve w/ Short Handles: Is made wider than the standard curve curler to cover from the corners of eyelashes at one application. Short Handles, the top band is 34mm in width.

  • KOJI No.100 Eyelash Accent Curler: Suitable to curl hard-to-reach lower eyelashes and corners of eyelashes. It is compact and portable. It is a anti-metal allergy clear coated body.

  • KOJI’s MONI Eyelash Curler Regular Curve: Features an extra sturdy construction, smooth opening and closing action. Rounded curler pad creates intense curl. The regular curve type is 33mm in width and 18mm radius top band which fits most people's eyelids. The double handles is developed for more stable hold. The antibacterial clear coated body against a metal allergy cares for delicate skins.

  • KOJI’s MONI Eyelash Curler Soft Curve: featuring extra sturdy construction, smooth opening and closing action. Rounded curler pad creates intense curl. The soft curve type is 33mm in width and 22mm radius top band which is suitable for flat eyelids. The double handles is developed for more stable hold. The antibacterial clear coated body against a metal allergy cares for delicate skins.

Updated to include "KOJI No.74 Eyelash Curler", info taken from sasa.com.
Here’s some images on the Shu Uemura and Shiseido so you can compare what they look like. Click image to enlarge.
Shu Uemura:


Disclaimer: These Shu Uemura and Shiseido images have been photoshopped, they have been taken from:

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mascara Review: Clinique High Definition Lashes + Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus

As promised here's my review and comparison on the Clinique’s High Definition Lashes and the Majolica Majorca’s Lash Expander Frame Plus. I was in a hurry to go out yesterday so I didn’t get a chance to take any photos of my lashes with the mascaras on. xD Also the Clinique’s High Definition Lashes mascara I used for this review was my sister’s and I don’t wanna keep opening and closing =P and playing around with it. lol

Clinique’s High Definition Lashes has both a brush and comb on the end. It’s meant to length and define the lashes. So first you use the brush side then use the comb side to individualise the lashes. It has a tall sleek package and heavier in weight. Feels and appears to be made with good quality material, glossy lid and smooth matt bottle, contains 7g.

Majolica Majorca’s Lash Expander Frame Plus, is the 3rd generation of the Lash Expanders. It’s a waterproof mascara that has a small coil/spiral shaped brush and a comb which define and lengthen each lash. some people say it’s meant to frame the eyes with an eyeliner effect. Its packaging is much more girly and shorter in height. It’s lighter and more portable, with a beautiful embossed symbol of the Majolica brand at the top. Although the bottle itself feels very plastic and contains 6g.

What I did: my lashes were only curled once before mascara, i then applied 1 mascara on each eye. After a 12hour test wear with no touch ups. Removed with Clinique’s Take the day off Makeup Remover. I also checked myself in the mirror about 9 hours with the mascaras on. No racoon eyes, the lashes with Clinique’s mascara did drop a bit, but the majolica coated lashes was still just as curled. Unfortunately i have very oily lids, and I did rest my eyes for awhile on the way home, so I found some smudging under my eyes. I wiped under my eyes with each end of the cotton tip. I found both mascara smudged slightly, Majolica’s end of the cotton light was faintly dirtier than Clinique’s.

Clinique: takes longer to dry compared to Majolica’s, visibly lengthened my lashes, lashes appeared thick and deep black but uneven with some lashes thicker than others, doesn’t make my lashes curve much. Did not clump. The problem with brush wands in my opinion is the large amount of mascara liquid attached at the end of the wand. Making it hard to use the end surface of the wand, without getting a huge clump of mascara on the lashes, especially towards the corner of the eye. Although i did manage to get all the lashes with it too. The comb does a good job lengthening the lashes further.

On Removal, the cotton pad soaked with makeup remover was placed on top of the lashes for 8 seconds before I gently wiped it off. All of the mascara removed pretty easily.

In comparison, Majolica: reasonably fast drying, visibly lengthens my lashes but not as long as Clinique’s, lashes appear thick, natural, and coated evenly. Lashes appeared curved, does not clump. Good shaped wand, both the coil and comb is small and easy to use, getting to every lash. Although I do not see any eyeliner effect after application, the comb also does a good job lengthening but there is a lot of fibre on the wand and you need to be careful you don’t get the fibres horizontal on your lashes because it can appear messy.

On Removal, this mascara’s pretty notorious for being a pain to remove, not surprising since because if its waterproof properties, which usually requires a oil based makeup remover. Again the cotton pad soaked with makeup remover was placed on top of the lashes for 8 seconds before gentling wiping it off. All of the mascara was removed although it required a bit more working at.

At first I thought the makeup remover didn’t take all the Majolica’s mascara off because the cotton pad was so light and while Clinique’s mascara was looked pretty dirty. So I watched my face with my Neutrogena facewash + makeup remove, and found nothing.
After swatching some on my hand I could see on Majolica’s mascara, the colour is a quite light, while the fibre attached is like short fine black hair, which is probably how it gives such a natural look without an overpowering black lash build up. I would describe the liquid’s job to attached these fibres to the real lashes and merge the joins faultlessly.
Clinique’s on the other hand, is a creamy true black texture which attaches itself to the whole lash and extending the ends out. Which is why the cotton pad appeared much darker and dirtier.

As you can see in the picture, the cotton tip used to wipe Clinique’s high definition lashes is a much denser black. While Majolica Majorca’s lash expander frame plus is a lighter black and pieces of fine black fibre remains on the cotton tip.

The Clinique’s High Definition Lashes mascara, I’m amazed at the results. It really helps frame my eyes, giving me long thick lashes, doesn’t smudge even after 8 hours. On the downside, my lashes did drop a bit and it doesn’t curve my lashes much. Also you can really build up on the thickness and length of the lashes.

Majolica Majorca’s Lash Expander Frame Plus, was also beautiful in its own way. Does lengthen but not to the degree of Clinique’s High Definition Lashes. Doesn’t frame the eyes are well but the results are very natural. It’s excellent when it comes to holding up the curls and also did not smudge after 8 hours. I found the wand a lot easier to use and it’s very compact to travel with. The bottle itself is much more aesthetically pleasing.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Beauty Election + Pinkfish Pie's contest

My sister picked this up this small booklet for me at MYER, Sydney branch today and i'm sharing it with everyone, i havent got my scanner connected but thankfully there's a online version ^^:
The Beauty Election (view online version) from Mecca Cosmetica, VOGUE Australia. Very interesting! it's a compilation of the most loved, effective, best of the best beauty bits and pieces x3
now i havent read everything in detail yet. tired from a long day. lol

next thing in wanna say is Pinkfish Pie's holding a contest! it's ending on the 22nd June at MIDNIGHT GMT + 0.00
click here and check it out =D and i'm kinda late on finding out about it u.u *sighs*

i've entered too xD cos she's giving out some awesome prizes:
* 2 shades of Barbara Daly for Tesco Concealers
* A Sleek-i-Divine Palette Original
* A mini BAD Gal lash by Benefit

its so cool x3 she has a cute blog too! love the bird with the cupcake on the top banner. hehe

package from a wonderful friend <3

so last night my brother brought home a small package for me. i was pretty surprised, xD didnt believe it'll arrive so quickly! maybe because i've still got the mindset that snail mail = SLOW and it's gonna take a week+ for anything to get mailed overseas. ^0^ LOL. but nope, it got here!
that's what he got me up there, see pic. well... i shamelessly asked for the MJ Lash expander frame plus (but i gave him chances to say no throughout the night before i named it =P OHOHOHO xD but he bought me 2 <3 !!), mainly cos i couldn't get my hands on it Dx and yea.

and 3 Pinky St keyrings. yayyy!! i love pinky st stuff but my budget doesn't really allow me to but them which is a shame u.u they aint cheap here, well no models are >.> to me i dont think it's worth what they sell it for cos some of them are really bad in quality. actually i was surprised he remember since i only talked about it like once last year or so~ many months ago. *cough* harassed him about how cool it was. >=D
unfortunately two of the keyrings got damaged in the post, one of the arm's slightly loose and the other one looks like someone's re-glued the head on and did a really bad job of it. it's not really noticable... *inspects* =/ and the quarantine people opened my package for inspection...

anyway, later i'll do a review on clinique's high definition lashes mascara with the lash expander. thanks for reading~

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

BB Cream Review: MISSHA M Vita and Dr.G Hydra Intensive

Hi all~ this is my first review, i hope it’ll be helpful =P. I’ll be comparing MISSHA M Vita BB Cream with Dr.G Hydra Intensive BB cream. I'm pretty camera shy so i wont be doing any swatches on my face Dx i know it's not as good but sorry...
First, MISSHA M Vita BB Cream SPF20 (50ml), It says it “contains 7 essential vitamin complexes derived from natural ingredients, and helps to improve the skin. Multi-function and convenient to use to moisturise, protect, correct skin tone and block harmful UV.”

It only comes in one shade, looks like a creamy dark beige, compared to DrG’s it’s more watery like a lotion. It blends and absorbs very quickly but the coverage is very low, it does not cover any blemishes or freckles. It does slightly even out the skin tone and gives it a light shine. It looks soft and smooth to touch, overall i find my skin looks more healthy with it on. The packaging is nice and sleek and you don’t feel it on your face after it sets in. On the down side it’s quite oily, i have oily skin on my t-zone area but i find this bb cream itself makes my whole face shine and requires blotting within 3 hours. it tends to dry out the skin around my blemishes, slightly better when i use a very hydrating lotion underneath other than my regular moisturiser. also the smell isn’t that pleasant although fade after a while.

Dr.G Hydra Intensive BB cream, this one says “Inner and Outer Care System using Hydrophilic and Lipophilic moisturization ingredients.
Again this one only comes in one shade, it’s a thicker cream and a darker beige compared to missha’s. Spreads quiet well too although it needs a little bit more blending. It doesn’t complete cover freckles but does make it less apparent, its gives a matt finish and has a pleasant smell. It’s has a slight velvet touch and less oily, i found less oil on the blotting paper.

I’ve tested a dot of both BB creams on a piece of blotting paper. Dr G produced less oil on the blotting paper. The spread was wider and even but did not go through the blotting paper. Missha on the other hand produced more oil, the spread was more concentrated and narrow, going through to the other side of the paper.
this picture isn’t very good, the dark mark's eyeshadow i used to test the coverage. i actually liked the missha bb cream more in terms of the look on my skin. I found it more brightening and made me look more awake. Unfortunately it makes my face really oily =/, DrG’s one is good. Slightly better coverage than missha’s and probably due to the hydrating factor my skin was less oily, but maybe because the colour isn’t a true match to my skin tone, y skin appears dull.

Overall, i’m not happy with neither one of them, one way or another so i’ve decided to try a different one later.